Saturday, August 26, 2017

So, photographer Robert Jackson actually thought that Oswald could be attacked on a 10 second walk through a police garage with cops all around: 

When the transfer was delayed, Jackson remembers arguing with an editor who wanted to send him to cover a news conference at the hospital.
"He told us to blow this off and we'll get a picture of Oswald at the county jail," Jackson said. "I said: 'No way am I going to leave here.' There had been death threats against Oswald. I thought what if he doesn't get to the other end of town?"

So, Jackson, and others like him, actually doubted whether the Dallas Police could secure their own garage? That's pretty amazing, don't you think? Because how hard is it to do that? It's one thing to suspect an attack on the street in route. But, to expect an attack in their very own garage? Which the attacker could only have known about because the Dallas Police announced it publicly? All they had to do was say nothing and move Oswald in the middle of the night; then announce afterwards that he had been moved. 
How smart did they have to be to know to do that? And the story is that a police lieutenant, two other officers in his police car, another police officer on foot, and a former officer who was helping out, all failed to see Jack Ruby as he strolled on in. And this happened even though the Dallas Police were on their highest alert. 
If you consider that credible, then what would it take to make something non-credible to you? Did you listen to the radio broadcasts? All morning long, they went on and on about how much danger Oswald was in and how likely it was that someone would try to attack him. And then it happens as soon as they walk him out the door? You buying that, are you? 

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