Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I should have pointed out that this comparison is the work of Adam Christopher Steele:

It is patently absurd to think that they are the same hand. And, it is also patently absurd to think that what we are seeing on the right is a hand, period. That is a right thumb pressed to a left hand, which has only three fingers. It is a monstrosity. Anyone who defends it is nothing but a blood-soaked Kennedy-killer. They are also an Oswald-killer, a Tippit-killer, and a killer of many others. And look at the ridiculous shape of the hand at the bottom right. The bloodied have tried to explain it by saying there is a "puff" of sweater material covering skin, but what skin? The skin of what? The only skin exposed was that of his hand and wrist. So, all that does is make the monstrosity and humongosity of the hand even bigger and more ghoulish. There is no defending that grotesque image. And the fact that they try proves that they have no shame, and there is nothing they won't say or do to defend officialdom, jackbooted bastards that they are.   

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