Saturday, January 20, 2018

Raoul Thomas I would sure like to read Dorothy Kilgallen's notes and writings on her private meeting with Ruby and compare her notes to Ruby's manuscript. Dorothy had told friends she was going to blow the Kennedy assassination case wide open and was also worried that she could get killed and had to limit her findings with others. Sadly, Dorothy was right and died shortly thereafter, under extremely unusual circumstances. See Mark Shaw's book. Dorothy's notes and manuscript vanished along with one she provided to a friend for safe keeping. Her friend died shortly after Dorothy. It has the "fingerprints of intelligence" all over it...
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Ralph Cinque Raoul, I think that Dorothy Kilgallen may have figured out that a) Ruby was not right in his mind, and b) he didn't shoot Oswald. He probably told her: "I have no memory of doing it. I only know that the Dallas Police told me that I did." She was sharp. And when you think about it: what else but that could it be? Ruby didn't have any other secrets, at least, none worth killing her for. There is a good chance that she figured it out, and if so, it's no wonder she had to die.

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