Monday, January 22, 2018

I just realized something: The reason Dallas Police immediately stripped Jack Ruby to his underwear on the 5th floor-which was a very unusual thing- was to get his clothes. Why? BECAUSE THEY NEEDED TO GET THE PAPERWORK FROM HIS POCKET; HIS RECEIPT FROM WESTERN UNION; AND REPLACE IT WITH ONE THAT SHOWED THE TIME OF HIS TRANSACTION AS 11:17. 

Why else would they strip him? They didn't strip Oswald. They took his shirt, but they didn't take his pants. They didn't strip him to his underwear. Oswald wasn't left in boxer shorts the way Ruby was. 

And it wasn't to change Ruby's clothes because his clothes weren't changed until evening, about 6 PM. So, why was he reduced to boxer shorts right away? It was to get his paperwork; to destroy the evidence that he was at Western Union much earlier than 11:15. 

At his WC testimony, Ruby cited the time he was at Western Union as 10:15. He was corrected right away, and he didn't dispute the correction. Nevertheless, why assume that what he said was a mistake? 

To be off by a whole hour in the context of a morning is a huge chasm of time. And that's because mornings aren't that long. Especially from the standpoint of the functional morning, the time that you are doing things. It's only a few hours long, so to be off a whole hour is a lot. 

Ruby was in the garage at a time that he recognized nobody. NOBODY. But, we know for a fact that he knew most of those Dallas cops, the ones appearing in the footage. He also said that nobody was around him, that he stood alone- in a wide open space. But, we know that wasn't true of the Garage Shooter, who was shoulder-to-shoulder with people- in a crowd. Ruby said the garage was NOT crowded when he was there. But, it was like a sardine can during the televised spectacle. Ruby said that he spoke during the melee and spoke a lot. Yet, we know that the Garage Shooter said nothing, not only because we hear nothing, but because we see nothing- he wasn't moving his lips. No one can watch any of the films and claim they perceive the shooter talking.

Ruby reported Sam Pierce being alone in the squad car at the top of the ramp, and you can be damn sure that if Ruby saw other other policemen in the car, he would have said so. And, Ruby did not recognize Roy Vaughn even though he knew him. Roy Vaughn excused a traffic violation for Ruby; he wasn't going to forget him. RUBY KNEW ROY VAUGHN BY SIGHT AND BY NAME. Yet, he didn't recognize the man he saw on foot talking to Pierce as Roy Vaughn. So, it must have been someone else- someone who was there BEFORE Roy Vaughn got there. 

It all happened earlier for Ruby. Probably about an hour earlier, and no less than 45 minutes earlier. They had cleared out the garage; we know that from the testimony of Fred Bieberdorf. Then, they had a few people there- not many. Ruby showed up; they jumped him; then they hustled him up to the 5th floor. Did Ruby lay eyes on Oswald in the garage? I don't know, but I doubt it. They may have had a proxy there for Oswald. 

And of course there was no gunshot. There couldn't have been. 

And don't worry about the people at the top of the ramp and what they heard and saw because they were all plants. Do you get it that it was an incoming ramp? That they could have had no expectation of seeing Oswald being taken out that ramp? So, what were they doing there? Who did they expect to see come in? There's nobody. They were only there as a magnet for Ruby. 

The real Jack Ruby showed up much earlier than 11:17, and he had his fracas with a much smaller assembly in the garage, and he was gone, vanished, before the reporters and cameramen were allowed to start filling the garage for the televised event. That is the truth.    

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