Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Amy Joyce sent me this image, which shows that Oswald's boarding room had both curtains and blinds.

Of course, the idea is that Oswald told an outrageous lie to coddle Frazier, but you and I know that he didn't because he had nothing to lie about; he was not returning to work with a rifle. So, who came up with the outrageous lie? Was it Frazier, or was it a suggestion from one of his interrogators? 

Amy pointed how defensive Frazier has become of Oswald, to assuage his own guilt, probably. But, one can only guess about the mental gymnastics he goes through to justify his actions and the role he played in railroading Oswald. He was the State's second most important witness after Marina Oswald. 

So, Mr. Frazier, if this is what you you claimed to see, and it's obvious just from looking at it that it couldn't possibly be a disassembled rifle:

And, we know it wasn't curtain rods either, so what do you think it was? It certainly wasn't his lunch, and according to you, he didn't bring any lunch. So again: what do you think it was, and why do you think Oswald wasn't truthful about it? 

Oswald said he had no rifle and brought no rifle. He said he never said anything to you about curtain rods. And he said he brought his lunch. So, you are still, to this day, calling him a liar. So, you can quit yacking about how much he liked children and start explaining the disparities between what you claim and what he claimed. There is a gap there. Do you understand that? And the evidence sides with him because we know his room had curtains, and he gave a detailed description of his lunch. And even though the Dallas Police didn't do it, that we know of, the fact is that they could have gone to that domino room and looked for the remnants of his lunch. And he, in effect, was inviting them to do that. So, he was very forthcoming, whereas you just spout your story about a 2-foot-long bag and then shrug your shoulders as to what it was. There is no credibility to your story, Buell. There is credibility to his, but not to yours. The time has come for you to stop spouting and starting looking within as to why you said the things you did. What did they do to you, Buell?   

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