Saturday, January 13, 2018

This is Part II of my analysis of Buell Frazier's claims, that Oswald carried something in a big bag beneath his armpit, and that he told him it was curtain rods. 

Those are preposterous lies, and I pointed out that Marina Oswald also told preposterous lies- but not on November 22. They had her in confinement and seclusion for 2 1/2 months, and that's when and how they turned her in to a Stepford wife. But, Frazier made his outrageous claims on 11/22/63. So, how did happen?

I am going to lay out a scenario, but first I must tell you that it is just speculation. This is a mystery, and there is no guarantee that we are ever going to solve it, especially if Frazier dies before leveling.  But regardless, it has no bearing on the case for Oswald's innocence, which is rock-solid. Oswald did NOT order a rifle; he did NOT own a rifle; and he did NOT even have a P.O. Box. Therefore, he could not possibly have come to work with a rifle that morning. So, Frazier's stories are false, and we know that- even if they remain shrouded in mystery forever. 

So, with that in mind, here goes:

I think Frazier was placed at the TSBD to set up Oswald. They knew it was a bottleneck in the plot for Oswald to get the gun inside. How could they make it that he kept the rifle in his room? Wouldn't his landlady have seen it? They had a cleaning lady. Wouldn't she have seen it? I presume that Oswald rode the bus to work from his boarding room. So, if they were going to make it that he brought it on the bus, how was nobody going to notice? 

So, they decided on the rifle being stored at Ruth Paine's house. Hence, they had to get him there on Thursday night. How did they do that? I figure it was with money. Oswald left $170 with Marina and he kept $16 for himself. That's $176 in 1963 money, equivalent to $1398 in today's money. And he had it on him in cash. You know very well that it is extremely unusual for anyone, of any income bracket, to walk around with that much cash on them. 

And how did Oswald get all that cash? He lost his job at Riley on July 19. He applied for unemployment benefits, and I presume he got them, but you know it's not that much. He had to live, and so did his family. So, I don't think he could have saved and accumulated that money out of his unemployment checks, if he got them. He didn't start working at the TSBD until October 16. That's a long time to be unemployed. And he made $1.11 an hour at the TSBD, so you do the Math. So, how did he accumulate such a large wad of cash? I figure somebody gave it to him. And it probably came with the advice that he needed to get it out to his wife in Irving ASAP because it wasn't safe in his room at the boarding house. 

So, that got Oswald hitching a ride with Frazier to Irving on Thursday evening. No, he did not have a self-made bag with him. That whole story is ridiculous. If he were going to do something like that-steal paper and tape from the TSBD- he'd have just done that; taken it. He wouldn't have made a bag. How could he? He was working. How could he make a bag in broad daylight and not be seen doing it. Nobody saw him do it, so he didn't do it. And why would he need a bag, when he could just take the paper and put the rifle parts on it, and then fold the paper around it, and then fold the ends over and tape it up? And then when he went to access it, he wouldn't be concerned about preserving the "bag," would he? He would  just tear it open, right? Wrong. According to the story, he built an elaborate, detailed bag, and he made sure to leave it intact when he accessed it. There wasn't not the slightest tear in the bag, after carrying hard jagged metal rifle parts. 

Most people who have played rock-paper-scissors know that rock beats paper, but not in this case. In this case, paper beat rock. Really, it is just a ridiculous story, conceived and written by very stupid people. 

On Thursday night, Oswald didn't do anything. He hit the sack. Marina said he was in bed by 9:00. Then, the next morning, he got up before she arose, and left most of the money on the nightstand, plus his wedding ring, reportedly. And then he went into the kitchen. He didn't eat anything, but he had some coffee. That's according to Ruth Paine. But, he also wound up with a lunch to take to work.

Now, I presume that Ruth Paine offered that. I don't presume he just helped himself to her food to fix himself a lunch. Would you do that if you were a guest in someone's home? Make yourself a lunch  to take with you as you were leaving? I can't imagine that anyone would do it, and I can't imagine that anyone would even ask to do it. At least, not any adult. So, I think she offered. And she may even have made the lunch for him. And she may have picked the bag to put it in. And maybe it was larger than it needed to be, if you catch my drift.  

But next, we are going to look at Frazier and his actions on 11/22. That will be Part III.  

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