Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jim Fetzer has called my attention this evening to the latest edition of Penn magazine in which Winston Wu wrote a superb article: 35 Proofs We Didn't Go.

Winston Wu is one of those Renaissance men who delves into all kinds of fields of endeavor. But, he does have a scientific background. He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of California. Granted, he's not an astrophysicist or professor of astronomy. Nevertheless, he provides 35 very cogent reasons why an intelligent person- of any educational level and background- will reject the moon-landings claim. 

And, his very first reason is especially riveting, the fact that today NASA has a complete and total inability to send people to the moon. It's not just that they can't do it, but they have no prospect of doing it; they have no expectation of doing it, in the near or distant future; it isn't even on their radar. And yet, we are supposed to believe that they did it one year shy of 50 years ago? 

50 years ago??

Do you recall the state of computer science in 1969? It was nascent. The computers they had then were crude and archaic, virtually nothing compared to what we have today. Do you realize the advances that have been in rocket science? In propulsion generation? In synthetic materials that can withstand space, and I'm talking about everything from the rockets to the spacesuits? And yet, they could do it in 1969 but not today? Wu made the point that every other technological and scientific breakthrough has been followed by advances and further achievement and in short order. But, in this case, not only have we not exceeded the 1969 accomplishment, we haven't even matched it; we haven't even duplicated it; and that's in half a century of the greatest technological advance in human history!

That was his first of 35 points, but before I give you the link to his article, I am also going to share with you one of the last points he made, and it's an answer to a question: Why didn't the Soviets call us out on the hoax if indeed it was a hoax?

Wu's answer started with the admonition not to assume that the Soviets didn't know it was a hoax. But rather than make a spectacle out of denouncing it to the world, they may have felt that they had more to gain by keeping their mouths shut: for a price. Who knows what backroom deal was made? What kind of concessions were offered? Remember that the Soviet Union was hurting. Their very currency was something that the world considered to be worthless; not money. And yet, there was plenty that they desperately needed to buy from the West, including food! So, who knows what they bargained for to keep their mouths shut about our phony moon landings. 

And, let's bump it up to 2018. Do you think that today, President Vladimir Putin believes that the U.S. sent men to the moon? What do you think his scientific advisers are telling him? Honestly, what do you think? You know very well what they're telling him; that it's bull shit. The Russians aren't slouches when it comes to space expeditions. And you recall what Putin did last year with Megyn Kelly, with the whole world watching: he referred to the JFK assassination being an operation of U.S. intelligence agencies. She pushed, and he shoved. And who is to say he won't do it again, next time, concerning the moon landings? It just might happen. And that's because today, Russia is MUCH LESS dependent on, and beholden to, the US than it was back then, when they had to depend on us even for food. Economically, we were MUCH stronger than they were. Is that true today? Today, Russia, under Putin, is immensely wealthier and more productive than it was in the Soviet era, and don't believe the US media's claims to the contrary. Russia has two "sovereign wealth funds" which hold stocks and bonds from all over the world, plus gold, and more. It represents national savings. But, if you are an American, what do you think your government is holding for you besides debts and obligations that probably exceed $100 trillion? Do you really think there are 147.3 million ounces of gold at Ft. Knox? They haven't audited it since the Eisenhower years. Doesn't that tell you something? So, if push comes to shove again, Vlad just may get mad, and the moon landing hoax will be had.  

In any case, Wu's treatise is truly scintillating. It is refreshing to see such a quick, sharp, unfettered mind at work. So, read his article because it is a display of sound reasoning:

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