Friday, January 19, 2018

This is what the Warren Commission wrote about the killing of Oswald:

 "The Dallas Police Department's decision to transfer Oswald to the county jail in full public view was unsound. The arrangements made by the police department on Sunday morning, only a few hours before the attempted transfer, were inadequate. Of critical importance was the fact that news media representatives and others were not excluded from the basement even after the police were notified of threats to Oswald's life. These deficiencies contributed to the death of Lee Harvey Oswald."

My Good God! If there was ever a time to say, DUH! it's in response to this. Isn't what they wrote obvious to anyone and everyone? 

I couldn't expect them to "get it" but what about you? Don't you get it that it wasn't incompetence or foolishness at work? Give the Dallas Police some credit. They weren't stupid. It was planned. The shooting of Oswald was planned. The jail transfer was arranged the way it was precisely so that Oswald could be shot. The Dallas Police were in on it; it was their operation. The question is: who were they in on it with? And the answer is not Jack Ruby. 

Don't you get it that you can't conspire with someone to kill somebody, and then have the aftermath be that you prosecute the one you conspired with. That can't happen because at some point the one you conspired with is going to think, "Hey! Why should I take all the blame when they were in on it with me? If I'm going down, they're going down." 

So, it couldn't be a situation where the Dallas Police smuggled Jack Ruby in or opened doors for him. Maybe if he was going to die on the spot, they could do that. But, if it was going to be them prosecuting him for murder afterwards, and it was, then the conspiracy was doomed. 

So, if you accept the premise that the Dallas Police could not have been stupid enough to think that the best way to deal with the myriad threats against Oswald's life was to put on a public spectacle to move him from one jail to another with a crowd present, then you have to assume that the Dallas Police were in on it. And all that's left for you to figure out is who they were in on it with. And it wasn't Jack Ruby. He was deranged. They wouldn't have trusted him with a water gun, never mind a Colt detective special. 

So, who were the Dallas Police in on it with? They were not in on it with Jack Ruby, so who? It was with the President of the United States! I'm not kidding. We're talking about murder here: the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. And it's not as though they were used to murdering people. It takes an awfully high authority for a whole police department to be involved in committing a murder. Where did the sanction come from? And remember that the word "sanction" has two meanings: first, as a penalty for breaking a law or rule, such as sanctions against Russia for interfering in our election, cough, cough. But, the second definition means practically the opposite: official permission or approval for an action. The Dallas Police were not going to be involved in murdering Oswald unless they had permission from the ultimate authority in the land: the President of the United States. LBJ, either directly or through one of his top men, must have communicated to Fritz that the stability of the nation required that Oswald be put down. 

We know, for a fact, that LBJ directly and personally ordered Earl Warren to lead the Presidential Commission and find for a lone gunman or else "100 million Americans would die in a nuclear war."  Well, if he said that to Earl Warren, and he did, don't you think he would have said something similar to Will Fritz to justify killing Oswald? 

Will Fritz wasn't stupid. He was smart enough to move Oswald without any notice or fanfare or any announcement whatsoever in the dead of night and then announce that he had done it afterwards. He did it the way he did precisely so that Oswald could get shot. Give the man credit for having some intelligence. It went down the way it did only because Fritz wanted it to. And remember: Fritz, as well as all those Dallas detectives, were former soldiers. Maybe not the younger ones, but I don't know of any of the older ones who didn't serve in the military. When the Commander in Chief gives you an order, you follow it. And nothing less than an order from the Commander in Chief would have gotten a man like Fritz to do what he did. The order had to come from Johnson.     


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