Tuesday, January 30, 2018

For quite a while now, Amy Joyce, the Wizard, and I have been discussing the heating/air-conditioning duct in the garage, its dual locations. Amy was the first to notice it. 

So, the duct was represented two ways: flush with the corner, as on the right, and inset a rather great distance, as on the left.

It couldn't be both ways, so which was it? It was flush with the corner.

So, why did they depict it as inset both in the Jackson and Beers photos?

So, why'd they do it?  At this point, we don't know. We are bantering around some ideas. Here is a view of it from nearly the top of the ramp. Note that Detectives Lowery and Combest both denied that they had any visibility of Ruby as he came down the ramp.
But, as you can see, Lowery (L.) and Combest (C.) would have had no trouble seeing Ruby as he walked down the ramp. Of course, I say that the one who would have been walking down the ramp minutes before the spectacle was James Bookhout. Ruby got there much earlier, and I don't presume that Lowery and Combest were even there when the real Jack Ruby did it.  

This is what Lowery said about it: 

Mr. HUBERT. Did you follow the car, or the Pierce car up the ramp with your eyes, I mean?
Mr. LOWERY. No, sir; if you will notice this [indicating] there is an offset here, and from my position here I would only see a short distance up the ramp, and there is also a drop down, air-conditioning and central-heating unit back in here that I would--if my view hadn't been obstructed by the line of people on that side I wouldn't have been able to see more than a few feet up the ramp. 

Mr. HUBERT. Did you see anybody coming down? I understand from your statement that you could not have seen their faces as they came down the ramp because of the obstruction, but you could have seen feet, couldn't you?
Mr. LOWERY. I wouldn't be able to. I didn't see anybody come down the ramp. They could have possibly gotten down there without me seeing them, but I didn't see any feet, or any person come down the ramp at all. 

Here is what Combest said. It is weird how both he and Lowery brought up that A/C duct, which makes me think they were coached. 

Mr. HUBERT. And I'm writing on the map, "Position where Ruby was first seen by Combest." Was he standing still then?
Mr. COMBEST. No, sir; he was stepping forward and--or lunging forward, I guess would be the best way to put it.
Mr. HUBERT. You had not seen him, of course, prior to that moment?
Mr. COMBEST. No, sir; I had not.
Mr. HUBERT. Had you seen him in the crowd at all?
Mr. COMBEST. No, sir; I had not.
Mr. HUBERT. Had you seen him coming down ?
Mr. COMBEST. No, sir; when I was standing with the crowd I couldn't see the ramp there, the Main Street ramp.
Mr. HUBERT. You could see a part of it, couldn't you, the bottom?
Mr. COMBEST. Well, no, sir; it slanted up and they had an air conditioner sitting across here where you have to be almost in your--standing directly in the bottom of the ramp you couldn't see the top of it very clearly.
Mr. HUBERT. But, you testified that you knew Ruby's face well enough so that you could distinguish it in a crowd?
Mr. COMBEST. Yes, sir.
Mr. HUBERT. You had looked into that crowd and your eyes had become accustomed to the lights?
Mr. COMBEST. Yes, sir.
Mr. HUBERT. Now, I ask you if you saw him in the crowd before he lunged forward?
Mr. COMBEST. No, sir. 

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