Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Wizard speaks...


I watched the JFK show on the Post Office box. Excellent. I have suspected that aspect of the "case" against Oswald since about 1975, along with the alleged ownership of the rifle. As you have pointed out on the blog, he could have bought a better rifle over the counter without leaving a paper record which turned into a trail of crumbs leading to his door.

I have also read the Frazier analysis. A bold claim - and harsh but possibly true. Given what we have concluded about the way Ruby was exploited, this might have been part of the DPD's MO, to find patsies with exploitable weaknesses.


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Ralph Cinque:

Thank you, Wizard. It's good to hear from you. What I am wondering about concerning Frazier is who interrogated him besides Fritz. I can't imagine that Fritz was privy to everything that was going on.  If Frazier was set up at the TSBD to unwittingly frame Oswald, it wasn't by Fritz.  So, if Frazier was steered and pressured into the curtain rod story by someone, I don't see it being Fritz. I'm thinking it was a federal agent, and probably an FBI agent. Why don't we know who besides Fritz questioned Frazier? It's a pretty big omission.  


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