Saturday, January 27, 2018

Richard Miodownick, who runs the Oswald Innocent Facebook group and is also a member of the OIC, made an interesting reply to my post  in which I criticized Oswald for not being more forceful at the MPC. 

And he's got me rethinking it, that perhaps I was wrong; that really Oswald did a fine job at the MPC.  Richard's point is that in coming across very calm and polite and restrained at the MPC, Oswald made himself look good. In a word, he came across as: civilized.  He did not seem at all like a mad-dog killer. He came across totally, completely sane. He didn't seem the least bit wild. And Richard suggests that the reason he wasn't allowed to speak longer and answer questions longer is because he was doing such a good job in coming off as reasonable, mature, in control, etc. 

So, even though I expected more adamance and defiance from him, perhaps I was confusing my personality with his. There was really nothing wrong with the way he handled it.  

So, here is what Richard Miowdnick wrote and my response to him. 

Richard MiodownickGroup Admin The Midnight Press Conference seems like a science-fiction movie- even 55 years later. I cannot agree with you, Ralph.. In my opinion, Lee was huge at the MPC. He was, f*****g brilliant! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘an answering questions with no aggressiveness to newsmen. Is he not the only person in history to experience this ? As above mentioned, he was only 24 years old, and he was so good that the DPD brought him back to his cell in less than 2 minutes. The longer he talked, the more he was going to sway his audience. That's apparent. 

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Ralph Cinque Hmmm, well that is an interesting perspective, Richard. You're right that he seemed very non-aggressive, non-belligerent, and very, in a word: civilized. He was also quite articulate. And something that supports your view is that they felt it necessary to drown out his statements with that ridiculous background noise that they added. It was done to trash him; make him look bad. So, they must have thought he was looking good. I'm glad you responded. 

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