Friday, January 19, 2018

What happened to Oswald, in a few succinct words:Ralph Cinque David, my current thinking is this. Oswald definitely and absolutely was NOT shot in the garage. And he was hustled into the PD, and at least partly on his own power, since he wasn't shot. But, once inside, he was incapacitated. How they did it, I don't know. Someone may have thrust a hypodermic needle with a sedative into his thigh. And once knocked out, he was taken somewhere and shot. And then, I presume, he was put down on the floor of the jail office. And all of that could have happened very quickly, like 2 minutes. We know there is a break in time between the end of the melee in the garage and the start of the coverage of the aftermath in the jail office. About 2 minutes, I figure. And it was during that lapse that he was given the fatal shot. They probably had a sound-proof room set up. They lied him down on a table and did it. Then, they cleaned the wound up so that it was clean and bloodless. And then they moved him to the floor of the jail office. And then they allowed the WFAA team to come in and start filming.

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