Friday, January 19, 2018

Yesterday, OIC member Pete Mellor pointed out to me that it was on December 3 that Marina Oswald finally admitted to Secret Service Agent Leon Gopadze that she knew about Oswald shooting at General Walker. 

I hope you realize that that only leaves two possibilities: Either she was lying for 11 days in denying that Oswald shot at Walker OR she was lying when she began to admit that he did. 

You can choose either one, but what you can't do is claim that she was telling the truth both times, that it just came back to her, that she had an epiphany, an awakening, a recollection. 

There are things in life that you may forget and remember later, but your husband shooting at someone to commit murder isn't one of them. As soon as she heard about it, as soon as they started probing her about it, it would have come out. IT WAS NOT THE KIND OF THING THAT COULD HAVE BEEN BURIED IN HER MIND.

And if anybody tries to claim otherwise or rationalize her firm denial followed by a copious admission, I shall stick the Friar Occum on you, razor in hand, and say, "Sic 'im."

The story that Oswald shot at Walker surfaced on November 23. Consider that Oswald was still alive. So, why didn't his interrogators ask him about it? Why didn't they present to him the so-called evidence against him that he did it? Oh, that's right; there isn't any; just his wife's later flamboyant claims, which didn't exist at the time, and could never have existed had he lived. 

This is a very valuable piece of information. Marina was placed into Secret Service custody on November 23, the day after the assassination. She visited Oswald on that day, and we can be sure that she did not mention her moving because surely if she had, Oswald would have hollered. If he complained publicly and repeatedly about being denied a lawyer, imagine how he would have hollered if he knew his wife (and kids) had been confiscated. It's possible that she didn't know that they were moving her at the time of her visit with him, but we just don't know. I'm sure they told her that they were doing it for her own good, to protect her. Yet, they had no concerns about anyone wanting to hurt Oswald's mother. And Marguerite complained, "Why her, and not me?" And, she also complained about all the money people were sending to Marguerite, but none to her.

But, what makes this information valuable is the time frame: 11 days. It took only 11 days for them to flip Marina Oswald, to get her to say preposterous, outlandish, unworldly things about her husband. 

They had Agent Gopadze question her because he spoke Russian. But, when the FBI agents questioned her, they used a Russian interpreter. I suspect it was the FBI agents who buttered her up; got her to come around; see the light that Oswald did this and more. What specific techniques did they use on her? And were there any drugs involved? That's what I want to know.  

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