Friday, January 19, 2018

Another thing Sylvia Meagher wrote in her book Accessories After The Fact is that Oswald must have been lying when he said he didn't tell Frazier he was going to Irving to get curtain rods because Frazier is an unimpeachable witness, and "there is every reason to believe all of his testimony." 


Then Sylvia, how can you claim to be an Oswald defender? If there is every reason to believe everything Frazier said, it means that Oswald indeed brought no lunch and lied about that too. The cheese sandwich and the apple? All made up. And it also means that Oswald did come back with a large package. But, you know as well as anybody that he did not order or own a rifle. Therefore, what was in the package? It wasn't curtain rods because the alleged curtain rods were still found in Ruth Paine's garage. And, it is preposterous to suggest that it was something else. 

Why would she think Frazier is unimpeachable? Because he's so gentle and soft-spoken? So folksy and childlike? He contradicted himself in his WC testimony, saying he was in two different places in the doorway. He told wild stories, such as that Marina was making curtains for Oswald's boarding room. If that were true, Marina surely would have said it at some point. And Oswald wouldn't make up a lie like that. He would know that Frazier could repeat it to his sister, who could repeat it to Marina, and then what? And since when does a man need an excuse or an explanation for going to see his wife and kids? If some guy asked me for a ride to do that, I wouldn't ask him why he was doing it. It's none of my business.  

And if anything, Oswald could have said something like, "Can I go with you to Irving this evening? I need to discuss something with Marina." Why make up an elaborate lie about curtain rods? 

And that actually was the truth. It was that evening that he asked her about moving back in with him in Dallas. She said no, but not irrevocably. She said that she wasn't ready, but not that she would never be ready. 

The fact is that any way you look at it, Oswald had no reason to make up a lie to Frazier that he was going to get curtain rods. And if he was going to lie, why would his mind even go there, when he had both curtains and blinds in his room? 

He could easily have said something to coddle Frazier without telling an outright material lie. He could have just said that he was missing his kids. What was Frazier going to do? Give him the 3rd degree?

So no, there is actually no good reason to doubt Oswald when he said that he didn't say that to Frazier. The one to doubt is Frazier. 

If Oswald told a fib to a friend who was being overly nosy about his personal affairs, that's nothing compared to double-murder. So, Oswald would not have lied to police about it. So, when he said that he didn't say anything to Frazier about curtain rods, he meant it. And anyone claiming to be an Oswald defender has every reason in the world to believe him. 

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