Friday, January 26, 2018

I just noticed a difference between the Beers and Jackson photos which I don't think has been acknowledged before, and that is the position of the shooter's legs. 

In Beers, the shooter's legs are far apart. He is stretching.

His left knee is bent, and his left foot is way back. It's out of the picture. We can't see it, but we can extrapolate where it is. And it is about as separated from his right foot as two feet of the same person can be. But, look at him in Jackson:

We can't see his feet or his lower legs, but we can see his thighs, and they are pretty much aligned. So, his legs can't possibly be spread the way they are in Beers.

So, the point is that the claim that there was only .6 second between Beers and Jackson is bull shit because he couldn't possibly reposition himself so fast. He couldn't move that fast. Nobody could. And in this case, we are talking about getting a shot off at the same time. Don't people usually freeze themselves when they are pulling the trigger? So, how could he be repositioning himself- and to that vast extent, in the same split-second that he was pulling the trigger? And as far forward as his right foot is in Beers (on the left) I can tell as you as a chiropractor that he definitely had to make a weight shift there, where he has his body weight, his considerable body weight, going through his right foot, meaning that he is definitely leaning his weight into that foot. Therefore, in order to move, the first thing he would have to do is shift his weight back to the other foot, which would free his right foot so that he could slide it back. So, using the mobility of his knees, he would have to do a weight-shift first, taking his weight off that front foot and shifting it to his other foot, his rear foot, and then he could bring back his right foot. But, that takes time, and the idea that he could do all that in .6 second is ridiculous. It's ridiculous even if he didn't have to get a shot off at the same time, but he did have to get a shot off- pull the trigger- at the same time, in the same .6 second. 

So, the question arises from this whether the Beers and Jackson photos are both staged photos that were done over time, perhaps several minutes of time, and they were choreographed differently.  

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