Friday, January 5, 2018

I am still waiting for Gary King to put up the show I did last night about the bogus P.O. Box. And when he does, I'll post the link. 

But, no one should make the mistake of thinking that this is a small or trivial matter. If Oswald didn't have a P.O. Box, then he could have not have killed Kennedy. And that's because the rifle, allegedly, was sent to the P.O. Box. And if Oswald didn't have the P.O. Box, then he could not possibly have gotten the rifle, hence, he could not possibly have shot Kennedy.

Now, I realize that we have multiple other pathways to prove Oswald's innocence, such as the fact that he was standing in the doorway at the time of the shots, and we have photographic proof of that. Nevertheless, this bogus P.O. Box constitutes an alternate proof of his innocence, and it stands on its own merit. 

And here's something else it proves: it proves that Oswald was a dead man. He was a dead man walking. It proves that they knew ahead of time- it was baked in the cake- that he had to die, and die pronto. Because obviously: if they framed him for having a P.O. Box which he didn't have, then he would have had no trouble convincing his lawyer of that, and they would have had no trouble proving it in court.  His lawyer could have acquired the alleged registration form with Oswald's signature and gotten his own handwriting experts to refute it. Marina would still have been on Oswald's side and never subjected to the brainwashing they did on her, and she would have testified that there was no P.O. Box. It's one of those things that, if it's false, you can't make it stick, not if the guy 's alive. The fact that they did that, foisted a phony P.O. Box on Oswald, tells you that they had it all planned ahead of time to kill him that weekend. They had multiple plans to kill him, hoping very much that it happened at the Texas Theater by a trigger-happy cop on Friday afternoon, and then there was their fail-safe plan of framing the hapless, witless Jack Ruby into thinking that he killed Oswald. But, that really was Plan B. They would have liked it a whole lot better if Oswald had died in the theater. The fact is that he did himself a lot of good in those last two days of his life. 

So, the bogus P.O. Box: get to know it. It's important. It completely and totally exonerates Oswald, all by itself.    

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