Friday, January 26, 2018

I have come up with another aberration in the Jackson photo, and I believe it may explain something I have wondered about for a long time, and that is: Why is Blackie Harrison's arm and sleeve so thick in the Jackson photo? It really looks like somebody enhanced it, deepened it. Look at, from top to bottom, and compare it to every other arm in the picture. 

First, I have problems with that guy even being Blackie Harrison. He's got a very Asian look to him. He has no part in his hair, and Blackie did. And his garment seems more like a sweater than a suit jacket. 

But, here's what I'm getting at: Ike Pappas is missing from the Jackson photo. Pappas looms large in Beers. He's the guy in the white trench coat on the right. He was very close to the shooter. 

So, why don't we see him in Jackson?
And likewise, why don't we see Blackie Harrison in Beers when he had his hand in front of the shooter? 

So, Pappas is missing from Jackson, and Harrison is missing from Beers. But, in Jackson, there is a guy in a dark suit behind Harrison. We can see just a wedge of his arm and a sliver of his torso. Just look below Blackie's armpit. So, is he supposed to be Pappas? Anyway, my theory is that they thickened Blackie's arm precisely to cover that guy up, since he really doesn't look like Pappas and isn't wearing the right color coat. But, by making that arm thick, it obscures that guy, and almost to the point that you don't notice him at at all. And that, I suspect, was the idea. 

The discontinuity of Harrison and Papas between the two photos proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were NOT taken a fraction of a second apart. I believe they are both staged photos.  

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