Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Wizard sent me this. It's from the 1992 movie Ruby starring Danny Aielo. They had the nerve to make it that the cops cuffed Ruby in the garage. 

Of course, they should have done that, and in any normal police operation, they would have done it. But, they didn't do it, and this was a historical story. So, how dare they misrepresent it? 

But, it goes to show how implausible it was- WHAT THE DALLAS COPS DID- the way they dragged the shooter into the building without first cuffing him. Here, he was a guy who (supposedly) fatally shot one man and tried to shoot another, yet, they saw no need to cuff him. 

And, in the process of cuffing him in the movie, they did something that cops always do, and that is, push the violent offender all the way down to the ground. 

Of course, the Dallas Police did NOT do that in the garage. They claimed to do it in the jail office, but I do NOT believe it. Remember, it was Bookhout, and I am sure they skirted him out of there as quickly as possible. What really happened is that they passed him off to Boyd, Sims, and Harris, who were waiting there for him. They flighted him up to the 3rd floor, and that's where that that elevator picture was taken. And whether they did anything else with him first, I don't know, but it couldn't have been much because Bookhout was freed and assumed his own identity, and he got down to the jail office BEFORE the ambulance attendants arrived. That was his story, and I don't doubt it because we can see Bookhout following behind the stretcher. 

In the WFAA film, you can hear Bill Lord say just as the ambulance attendants started removing Oswald from the jail office, "the current time in Dallas is 11:24". The shooting took place at 11:21. So that means that Bookhout was held in custody for less than 3 minutes total. It was well less than that because once released, he had to go somewhere and change his clothes, remove his wig, etc., and that took time. So, I'm thinking that it could not have been more than 2 minutes that he was held in custody. Here he is following the stretcher further. It is the Davidson film, but note that all that darkness is artificial. It's the same environment as the image above. They deliberately darkened it to obscure it. 

So, what must have happened is that Boyd, Sims, and Harris rushed Bookhout up to the 3rd floor, and they must have ran into an NBC cameraman who was still there. I'm sure that was unexpected. And so, this picture got taken:

So, I wonder how the Dallas Police finessed it with NBC. They had to be concerned about that image. They knew it wasn't Ruby. Did, they bluntly tell NBC? Or did they resort to some bull shit reason why "you better blacken his eyes"? National security, and all. 

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