Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Paul Popa wanted to do another dedication song, this one to his longtime friend and companion, Monier. I have met Monier, and she is a lovely woman. She is also a great chef. She's a professional; she owns a Persian restaurant. She cooked for me, and I really enjoyed her food. 

The song Paul chose for Monier is You Just Get Better All The Time by Tim McGraw, which is very beautiful. Except: there is no sheet music for it. So, we went to this software called Chordify which can listen to a song and spit out the chords. It worked, but I wasn't completely happy with it. I didn't think it got all the chords right.

But, I started working from it, changing quite a few chords and adding the notes to the song. Then, I showed it to Paul, and he made some further revisions. For instance, I had it going from C9 to C7, and Paul pointed out that they're practically the same, and it would sound like the same chord played twice. So, he suggested going from C9 to C major, to give it more contrast. He also made some timing changes. 

The result is that this is a very unique arrangement of the song. It's not exactly like the original- but it's true to it. And it's not exactly like any other arrangement either.  It was very interesting and fun to do.


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