Sunday, January 28, 2018

Oswald had no driver's license and couldn't drive. It's true that Paul Bentley said, in an off-hand remark, that there was "driver's license and credit cards" found in his wallet, but it wasn't true. Bentley admitted that he got Oswald's address from his library card. Now, if you opened a wallet and saw a driver's license and a library card, which would you rely on to get an address?
And Oswald had no credit cards. It was 1963. It wasn't like today, where any hobo and his derelict brother can get a credit card- or a mortgage on a house. The Oswalds were poor. They had to depend on the largess of others, like the White Russian community, to survive. They didn't give credit cards to people like that back then. Today, they do, but not then.
And in those days, credit cards came with annual fees. Oswald would not have wanted to pay that. And Marina- she came from a culture in which credit cards were completely and totally non-existent. So, not even she would have been pressing Oswald to get a credit card.
If Oswald had a credit card, we would know all about it; the things he charged with it; where he used it; the debts he ran up. He obviously didn't have one, and he didn't have a driver's license either.
And it stands to reason that Oswald couldn't drive. When could he have learned? He had no father to teach him. His brothers were long gone, and they never taught him. If Robert Oswald had claimed to teach Lee how to drive, we would know about it. His mother never taught him. Did the Marguerite of fame even drive, herself? She definitely didn't own a car at the time of the assassination. She tried to get Bob Schieffer to send a car from CBS to drive her from Ft. Worth to Dallas because she had no way to get there.
Oswald dropped out of the 9th grade at 17 to join the Marines without having learned to drive. They don't teach you to drive in the Marines. And after the Marines, he went to Russia, and he definitely didn't drive in Russia. That's well established. And when he got back from Russia, he started working odd jobs in Dallas, but he still couldn't drive. So,how could he drive in New Orleans?
If Oswald had a driver's license, we would know when it was issued, which state issued it, plus his whole driving record, whether he had any tickets, accidents, etc. But, there is nothing. He did not have a driver's license.
Oswald couldn't drive. Marina said he couldn't drive. He was rarely ever in a car even as a passenger. He was just learning to drive (from Mrs. Paine) at the time of the assassination. How friendless was he if he had to depend on Ruth Paine for that?
Lee Harvey Oswald definitely did not have a driver's license, and you shouldn't listen to idiots who tell you otherwise.

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