Saturday, January 20, 2018

A supporter who prefers to remain unnamed pointed me to the testimony of a Ralph Leon Yates, and it is eerie. He claimed to pick up a hitchhiker in Dallas on Wednesday, November 20, and that hitchhiker turned out to be Lee Harvey Oswald. He said the hitchhiker had a long package with him: 4 to 4 1/2 feet long.  And, he said the guy said it was CURTAIN RODS!

I don't know if you believe in coincidences, but I don't; not when it comes to the JFK assassination. What are the chances that Yates would have that curtain rod experience on Wednesday and then the next day, Thursday, Frazier would have his curtain rod experience? How often do curtain rods come up in life?  

This tells me something; it tells me that the curtain rod story was centrally made; centrally written; centrally dispensed. 

Of course, the man he picked up could not have been the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame, who undoubtedly was working at the TSBD at the time. It's just another deliberate phony Oswald sighting, like Oswald going to the firing range or Oswald going to the car lot. But, the purpose of this one was to bolster the curtain rod story. And note that it preceded Frazier's. It came before Frazier's. So, the reference to curtain rods did not start with Frazier. It didn't sprout up with Frazoer, and there is no chance that it started with Oswald. It was an idea put into Frazier's head but not by Oswald because it preceded Oswald. Oswald didn't hear anything about curtain rods until Fritz told him on Saturday that Frazier said he brought curtain rods, which Oswald denied. 

So, the value that this has is that it discredits Frazier and his curtain rod claim. Here's the link to the first page of Yate's statement. Notice that the Oswald double, out of the blue, also started yakking about Jack Ruby and the Carousel Club too. The assassination hadn't happened yet, and they were already "baiting the buffs" - in advance.   

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