Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Watch this short video of Officer Roy Vaughn.


I believe Roy Vaughn, and I honor the man. He is absolutely right that Jack Ruby did not come down that ramp ON HIS WATCH. It was before his watch that Jack Ruby came down the ramp. And I can prove it: Jack Ruby knew Sam Pierce and recognized him at the ramp. But, he did not recognize the officer on foot who was talking to Pierce. But, Jack Ruby KNEW Roy Vaughn. ROY VAUGHN HAD FORGIVEN A TRAFFIC VIOLATION FOR RUBY. He stopped him; he pointed out the infraction to him; but, he didn't ticket him, as a courtesy, since he was a friend of the Department. SO, HOW WAS JACK RUBY GOING TO FORGET OR NOT RECOGNIZE ROY VAUGHN? He couldn't. He wouldn't. He didn't. So, it MUST have been another time that Ruby was there, at which they had another officer there. It was before Roy Vaughn began his shift. This is more evidence that I am right that Jack Ruby was arrested ahead of time, that he was already up on the 5th floor, stripped to his shorts, at the time the Garage Shooting took place.

There was no collaboration between Jack Ruby and the Dallas Police. There couldn't be. There couldn't possibly be. The Dallas Police were prosecuting Ruby. They were testifying against him. From the witness stand, they were trashing him up and down, and he had to listen to it. Why would he take that? Why would he tolerate it if he knew that they were his partners in crime? Why wouldn't he sing like a canary? Why would he protect them if he knew that they smuggled him in? They didn't. But, I'm sure they guided him in. I'm sure that they had people at the ramp, so-called "spectators" at an incoming ramp, who were there to coax Jack Ruby down the ramp when he got there. And under the influence of the drug they got into him, his suggestibility quotient was sky-high. Jack Ruby was steered to the ramp and down the ramp, but not in a way that he knew that he was steered. It was done in a way that was beyond most everyone's imagination. And that's what they were counting on. That is how they expected to get away with it. 

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