Monday, January 22, 2018

Here's a weird thing about Tom Howard: In his first press conference, on the day of the Oswald shooting, and without Ruby being present, he told the truth, that Ruby told him that he didn't know anything about having shot Oswald until cops on the 5th floor yelled at him and told him, "You shot Oswald! You shot Oswald!" Ruby didn't know a thing about it until then. And as I told the Wizard and Amy, the idea of that, that a person could do something and not know that he did it, is more fantasy than reality. If it's ever happened, it's extremely rare. And when it has happened, it's usually been attributed to multiple personality disorder, which Ruby definitely did not have. It's far more likely that Ruby had no memory of shooting Oswald because he didn't shoot him. I know it's the explanation that the Friar Occum would like best. 

So, it was good of Tom Howard to do that, to inform the press that Ruby had no memory and no personal awareness of doing it. 

But later, he urged Ruby to say that he did it to spare Jackie a trip to Dallas to testify. What? That  was his idea, Howard's. But, how does it mesh with Ruby not being aware of having done it? If he had no awareness of doing it, then how could he have a motive for doing it? 

So, that was extremely stupid on the part of Tom Howard, and it's really quite incredible that he could be that stupid. He should have told Ruby to say, "I don't know why I did it because I don't even know that I did it. I only accept that I did it because they tell me I did. But, I have no memory of doing it, and I have no memory of forming a reason or a motive to do it. You need to understand that the whole thing is a complete mental blank for me."

That's what he should have told Ruby to say. But better than that would have been if he looked at the films and photos and seen that the guy doing it wasn't Ruby. But, he didn't do that and none of them did that, and it's all because of the delusional brain disease I call "Americana."    

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