Saturday, January 6, 2018

Those were some stone-cold bastards who killed Kennedy. They shot him right next to his wife, where she easily could have been killed. Look how they accidentally shot Connally. Don't you think that could have happened to Jackie just as easily? But, they didn't care. Oh, they would have regretted it if she was hit. After all, they were already thinking ahead to that swearing-in ceremony, where she was standing next to LBJ, like the spirit President Kennedy, looking down over the proceedings and casting his blessing and best wishes on his successor, cough-cough, hack-hack, gimme some water. 

I suspect the killers looked at Kennedy's execution as a military operation against an enemy target. After all, John F. Kennedy was a traitor. He coddled Castro and humiliated the United States of America when he refused to send the Air Force into Cuba. He even paid Castro off (in baby food and supplies). He also coddled the Soviets and pursued secret negotiations with Khrushchev, in which they were to talk about total nuclear disarmament. The Constitution deems that the penalty for treason is death, and in their view, that's exactly what this was. 

But, what about Oswald? What did he do? He defected to the Soviet Union? But, it was a project; their project. He didn't mean it. 

I don't think there is any doubt that some of the people involved in killing Kennedy were psychopaths. Case in point: Allen Dulles. Do you have any idea how many deaths he was responsible for in the 1950s? And I don't mean just foreign leaders he didn't like, but regular people who got killed in the melee, in places like Iran, Guatamala, the Congo, and more. And note that Dulles died in a state of total, complete dementia in 1969. That was just 6 years after the JFK assassination. And since it was in January 1969, it was really more like 5 years after the JFK assassination.

Dementia comes on slowly and gradually. You can be sure he had it, to some extent, in 1963 and even more so in 1964 during the Warren Commission proceedings. And even before that, that were signs that he wasn't right in his head. Robert Kennedy told his brother that Dulles "looked like walking death" and was "going around with his head in his hands." Admiral Burke told JFK that at top level meetings, Dulles would sit there rigidly smoking his pipe and "acting like he wasn't really there." So, was part of the reason why JFK fired Dulles because he thought he was losing his mind? 

Both JFK and Oswald were the fathers of young children, and no one doubts that each of them loved and adored their kids. When you kill a man with young children, you are obviously striking out at his children. What can be worse and more traumatic for a child than to lose his or her mother or father? But again, the killers didn't care. They just didn't care. 

But, there is a difference between the killing of Kennedy and the killing of Oswald. With Kennedy, they did it from a distance, And as brutal and gory as it was, it was also fast. It was over within seconds. Kennedy was dead as soon as the fatal head shot hit him. He was only still alive the way a chicken is still alive for a while after it's head is cut off. What did JFK realize about what was going on? We don't know. He seemed fine as he disappeared behind the Stemons Freeway sign waving. And then when he emerged from it, he was in a panic state- and probably in a panic about breathing because the bullet in his throat was interfering with his breathing. And then after that, he seemed, in my view, to be mentally disoriented. It appears to me that his mind was affected by something. He wasn't just physically injured. He was mentally incapacitated as well. And that's why I give serious consideration to the possibility that the shot to his back was an ice bullet that carried a mind-altering agent. Did he realize before he died that what his brother Bobby warned him about, that his political enemies would seek to kill him, had come to pass. It's anybody's guess if he did.

But, with Oswald, it was different. He remained conscious and lucid throughout his 2 day ordeal. And he got to fight for himself. He was a very good advocate for himself. He defended himself well. And the 13 times in which we can hear him with our own ears and see him with our own eyes denying guilt and professing innocence,  he did it very impressively and convincingly. He did damage to his killers. He landed some blows. He lost the fight, but he landed some blows. I'm reminded of the old wise crack: "I got my ass kicked when I was a kid; but nobody ever wanted to kick it twice."

I'm sure the killers were gravely disappointed when Oswald wasn't killed in the Texas Theater. And that put into place Plan B, the Jack Ruby swindle. And no, Jack Ruby did not shoot Oswald; stop with that. Enough already. Jack Ruby was just a patsy, and he was bamboozled into thinking that he shot Oswald. He had no memory of doing it. How do you think his lawyers came up with the "psychomotor epilepsy" defense? They came up with it because Jack Ruby told them that he couldn't remember anything about the shooting, just that he went to the garage, and then cops were pouncing on him, and nothing in-between. He remembered it that way because that's all that happened when he was there. But, his lawyers, addicted to Americana like most people, were unable to consider that that the Dallas Police were lying. It's not that they refused to consider it; they were mentally incapable of considering it because of their belief in America. 

I don't know who shot Oswald- who actually put that bullet into him, except that I know it wasn't Jack Ruby or James Bookhout. But, it's hard for me to imagine how anyone could conjure up the will to perform such a grisly and heinous task.  

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