Monday, January 29, 2018

I just thought of something. I found visible proof that they photoshopped the blue color into Ruth Paine's car in the picture taken at the time. We know it was green. She said it was green. And we can see in the pictures with the collector from Virginia who bought it that the car was green, not blue. 

So, why it looks blue in the famous picture is anyone's guess, but here's the proof that it was photoshopped: they made the ring on the tire the same light blue color as the car. Automakers don't make their own tires, and you can't tell me they bought tires with a matching color from Firestone. Furthermore, you can see in the picture with the guy from Virginia, that the ring around the tire was white. 

You see. The tire was not light blue. It's just more JFK assassination photographic fakery, of which there is a tsunami of it. 

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