Monday, January 8, 2018

Part III. I am going to tell you now where Lee Harvey Oswald was shot, where he was really shot; of course, not in the garage. And, I am telling you this with a high degree of confidence. This is my final assessment; I won't be wavering on this. 

We go back to Dr. Bieberdorf. He corrected his FBI statement. He fixed things that were wrong in it. For instance, the FBI agent wrote down that the entrance wound was in Oswald's abdomen, below his rib cage. The Bieb pointed out that, actually, the bullet went through the rib cage. He claimed it was at the level of the 5th or 6th rib, when it was actually the 7th, but hey, that's no biggie. That was an honest mistake. 

But, there was plenty that the Bieb neither corrected nor confirmed. The FBI agent wrote that Bieberdorf performed "sternal massage" on Oswald to resuscitate him. Why didn't the Bieb clarify that? The term had to have been picked by the FBI agent. So why, in his WC testimony, didn't the Bieb clarify what he did and didn't do in the way of resuscitation? The Bieb did confirm to the WC what the FBI agent wrote about him thinking that Oswald was dead in the jail office. No heart beat; no respiration; and no pulse. Dr. Bieberdorf said, with his own mouth and lips, that he thought Oswald was dead. He confirmed that. He also confirmed that he saw the entrance wound, and it was clean and bloodless. So, why didn't he confirm his resuscitative efforts on Oswald? What I think is that he saw that the FBI agent wrote that, and he knew it wasn't true. But, he wasn't going to call the FBI agent a liar. Why? Because that could get him in trouble, and he didn't want trouble. He got it that the FBI agent wanted to say that, wanted to put those words in his mouth. He wasn't going to confirm it- since it wasn't true. But, he wasn't going to deny it either. So, he just ignored it. But, he did confirm Oswald's severe incapacitation and the fact that he saw the bullet entrance wound. 

I mentioned before that I don't have any respect for Dr. Bieberdorf, and I don't. However, I do not accuse him of bold-faced lying about seeing Oswald, and examining him, and concluding that he was dead, and seeing his entrance wound. It is untenable to me that Bieberdorf, a 25 year old medical student, could have been dragged into the conspiracy to the extent of lying, bold-faced, about that. 

So, why did Bieberdorf lie about Leavelle sitting next to him in the ambulance when he clearly didn't? I don't know, but maybe someone asked him to lie about that. And that may have seemed to him like a harmless lie. But, his assessment of Oswald pertained to his expertise as a doctor, to his calling in life, to his personal identity. And, I don't think he could have lied about that. 

So, I DO take him at his word that he DID see Oswald severely incapacitated, with no vital signs that he could detect at the time, and with an obvious bullet entrance wound visible to him. 

Therefore, I am telling you, here and now, and for all time, that Lee Harvey Oswald was shot in the Dallas Police Department very soon after the garage spectacle. He must have been sedated, perhaps with a hypodermic needle thrust in his thigh, immediately upon getting inside the jail office. Then, they must have taken him to a sound-proof room that was nearby. I assume there was a table in it, on which they lied him down. They used a 38 with a silencer. They lifted his clothing out of the way. They did not shoot him through his clothes. It was a precision shot. They may have marked his skin where the bullet had to go. And, after they shot him, they cleaned up the site. They didn't want him to bleed externally because he didn't bleed externally in the garage.  Then, he was moved to the floor of the jail office, and that's when the WFAA team of Bill Lord and Jim Davidson were allowed in. I'm thinking that this may have been 2 minutes after the melee in the garage ended. That's all it took for them to get this grisly and grotesque job done.  

So, that means that Oswald really was stricken when they wheeled him out from the jail office. He doesn't really look that pale, I admit, but that's the way it goes sometimes. 

And, regarding what happened on the way to the hospital, it is my conviction now that Detective L.C. Graves in his police car simply overtook the ambulance, and that's why he was trailing upon leaving and leading upon arriving. An ambulance can only drive 10 miles over the posted speed limit, but Graves in his police car could drive any speed he wanted. So really, it's not that big a deal that he got ahead of the ambulance. Maybe he thought it would look better if it reached the hospital with a police escort. 

So, I NOT maintain that they stopped anywhere and did anything. The doing took place in the PD. They went directly to the hospital, and Graves simply overtook the ambulance.  

Lee Harvey Oswald was shot in the PD. They must have had a room set up right near the jail office where the filming took place. Who actually pulled the trigger? I have no idea. 

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