Friday, January 19, 2018

The whole plan to frame Oswald hinged on him going to Irving that Thursday. How else could they prop his getting the rifle into the building? They couldn't say he had it in his closet-size boarding room. And then rode with it on the bus to work? And remember that Frazier wasn't just the transportation; he was also the witness. Nobody else at the TSBD saw the alleged rifle in a bag; only Frazier. So without that, they would have had nothing; just the claim that Oswald somehow got the rifle into the building, and who knows how?

And that's why I say that they must have put Oswald up to going to Irving that Thursday, probably by giving him cash and urging him to get it to his wife pronto. He had the equivalent of over $1400 in 1918 dollars. Not only is that much more cash than most Americans have on hand, it's more accessible funds than they have, meaning the combination of their cash on hand and their checking account balance. And Oswald was out of work since July, and he only started at the TSBD in mid-October. How could he have accumulated so much money at $1.11/ hr? Remember, the whole time he was paying his own living expenses and providing money to Marina. He reportedly contributed to the hospital expense at the time of Rachel's birth. So, how could he save that much money?  

I was pleased to see that the Warren Commission did not try to claim that Oswald stored the rifle in the blanket disassembled. Who would do that? Nobody would do that. Absolutely nobody. And Oswald didn't do it. 

So, they had it that Oswald disassembled the rifle that Friday evening at Ruth Paine's house. So, he disappeared into her garage, and even though as a work space it was absolutely terrible, he allegedly disassembled that rifle there. Here's a peek in her garage:

It takes good lighting to do that kind of work, and if there was only an overhead light in the ceiling of the garage, it would have been difficult. And of course, it also takes space. Having a long, clear work table is also needed, which he obviously didn't have. So, did he disassemble it on the floor? There wasn't even space there, as far as I can see. Of course, I am only speaking hypothetically. None of this ever happened. It's just a made-up story. 

And in this story, did he find a screwdriver in the garage with which to disassemble the rifle? Because if you are going to tell me that he did it in that garage using a dime, I'm afraid you are really walking on thin ice. And if you presume he found a screwdriver to use (it being a garage and all) then you'd think he would have swiped it to use the next day. If all went well, he could return it. I listened to a guy who said he tried to assemble a Carcano rifle using a dime, and he got blood blisters from doing it. He cursed the guy who said it could be done easily. 

So, Oswald disassembled the rifle, then stuffed the parts in his self-made bag? And then he taped it closed? It was wettable tape, so was there running water in the garage? I doubt it because most garages do not have running water. That wettable tape, you can't lick it like a postage stamp. It takes serious water. So, he brought water out there, and neither Ruth nor Marina saw that? Totally absorbed in Perry Mason were they?  

It seems to me that you would still be able to recognize the stock of the rifle, as you can see here:

So, we are supposed to believe that Frazier and his ditzy sister saw something like this on Friday, and neither one got the idea that it was a rifle?

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