Saturday, January 20, 2018

How come we haven't heard who bought the 25 page handwritten Jack Ruby manuscript and how much he or she paid?

It was widely broadcast that it was going up on auction and would probably fetch up to $11,000. That really doesn't seem like much, considering the historical significance. Did they cite that low figure just to discourage higher bids? 

And what if I had bought it? Or what if you had it bought it? Wouldn't you have had it transcribed and put up on the internet? Why not share it with the world? I don't think it would have reduced the value, and it might have increased it. 

So, I think, considering that that hasn't happened, and we've heard nothing at all, that it wound up in official hands. I think they saw that it could possibly reveal something that they didn't want revealed, and they couldn't take that chance. And that's why we haven't heard who bought it, how much he or she paid, and what he or she plans to do with it. What should have been only the beginning was the end.   

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