Monday, January 29, 2018

I wrote this for Brian Doyle on Facebook, who is a JFK assassination fantasist, one of many who like to exaggerate Oswald's involvement with U.S. intelligence. Yes, Oswald had some involvement with U.S. intelligence, and he knew some people in U.S. intelligence. However, you can't conclude from that that he was informed about the JFK assassination, that he was part of the plot. Oswald said that he knew nothing about what happened, and he wasn't lying. And it would have made no sense for the plotters to tell him anything about it. There was nothing he had to do for them. He didn't have to open any doors or inspect any weapons. All he had to do was be the patsy, and therefore, he didn't have to know anything. And, he didn't know anything. He didn't even know that JFK's motorcade was going to be passing the TSBD that day. He asked James Jarman why people were gathering on the sidewalk outside that morning. He honestly didn't know. He wasn't putting on an ignorance act. 

Just because Oswald had intelligence connections does not mean that he had any knowledge of the JFK assassination plot. This is from Facebook: And I'll add one more thing to it: Why would Oswald keep clamoring for a lawyer if his intention was to lie to him? If Oswald wasn't going to be honest with his interrogators, then you can't assume he was going to be honest with his lawyer. And, if he wasn't going to be honest with his lawyer, then how could his lawyer help him? The very fact that Oswald was clamoring for a lawyer should be taken as evidence that he was being truthful in what he told police. And what he told police is that he knew nothing about the assassination. "I don't know what this is about." He kept saying it, over and over again. He was being truthful.  

Brian Doyle How did he know about John Hurt?

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Ralph Cinque Brian, Oswald was involved with U.S. intelligence, although never as a paid agent. And since the very definition of "agent" is one who is paid to represent another, he was never really an agent. He was more of an intelligence buff. The rumor that he was paid $200/month should be ignored because if it were true, there would be banking records; a paper trail, you would be able to follow the money; and the Oswalds wouldn't have been so poor all the time. If Oswald was really an intelligence "agent" then think of all the money they owed him for his 3 years of service in Russia. But, he never got a cent for what he did in Russia. In fact, he had to pay the U.S. government back for his travel expenses, which they fronted him. So, he had no job in Russia,and there is no evidence that he did any work- except for his job at the radio factory in Minsk. OSWALD HAD U.S, INTELLIGENCE CONNECTIONS, BUT IN ALL LIKELIHOOD, HE WAS CHOSEN TO BE THE PATSY FOR THE JFK ASSASSINATION WHILE HE WAS STILL IN RUSSIA. So, when he got back from Russia, he was managed, handled, monitored, cajoled, twisted, manipulated, etc., but he was never informed of anything about the JFK assassination. You keep the patsy in the dark. It's the first thing they teach you in Patsification 101. They knew it was likely that he would spend some time in police custody before he could be properly killed, and they weren't going to give him anything he could spill to police. You keep the patsy in the dark about the thing for which you are framing him. The intelligence agent John Hurt was apparently someone Oswald met during his Marine years, but that was before he went to Russia; before there was any plot to kill Kennedy; and before Kennedy was even President. JUST BECAUSE OSWALD KNEW JOHN HURT DOES NOT MEAN HE KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THE PLOT TO KILL JFK. And, that's where your thinking goes asunder; in thinking that because Oswald knew John Hurt that he must therefore have known about the assassination plot. One has no connection with the other.

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