Sunday, January 7, 2018

Some people were surprised when they read that I am sure James Bookhout didn't shoot Oswald. They thought I was reversing myself. Not true. James Bookhout was definitely the Garage Shooter. But, it was a ruse. Oswald was not shot in the garage. It was all an act for television. 

I really have no doubt about that. There is no sign of any blood or trauma to Oswald. And look at the Jackson photo, with limbs akimbo, all to hide the area of impact- because there was no impact. And look at how Oswald was extracted from the garage lightening-fast, and without a glimpse of it being caught on camera. And that makes no sense. How do you hide a object consisting of two men carrying a third man? It's God-damn big, you know? And, they reportedly got Oswald inside before they got the shooter inside, but how when he was so gravely injured? Why would they hastiliy do that? They really had no reason to move him at all. But, they certainly would not move an abdominal gunshot victim hastily. Wouldn't they first appraise his condition? Figure out, first, if he's alive, and if so, how badly he's hurt? And then, wouldn't they figure out how to move him delicately, gingerly, with the least amount of jostling? He was, after all, an abdominal gunshot victim. Yet, we didn't get a glimpse or a glimmer of it. 

Another factor is that Oswald did too much after being shot. The damage was instant; his major blood vessels severed and his circulation in complete collapse. So, how could he go up on his toes after incurring such catastrophic trauma? I have got his feet circled. He is up on his toes. 

 Upon being shot, Oswald cringed and started collapsing forward. But then, he veered backward and went up on his toes. But how? He couldn't have done it if he had been hit. He would have just gone down. 

Then, the fact is that the course of the bullet was downward in Oswald's body. It entered at the 7th left rib and halted at the 11th right rib. That's a downward trajectory. But, the short Garage Shooter appeared to be shooting upward into Oswald.

He certainly didn't shoot downward. So, he could not have made the shot that devastated Oswald. 

So, was Oswald shot in the PD or on the way to the hospital? We are going to explore that. And the answer depends on what you think of Dr. Fred Bieberdorf. If you take what he said at face value, then you have to believe that Oswald was shot in the PD. Because, after all, the Bieb claimed to see Oswald near dead in the jail office. In fact, he thought he was dead. However, I should point out that I am referring to the Bieb's FBI statement not his WC testimony. And, the Bieb didn't write his FBI statement. Like Carolyn Arnold and Marrion Baker and many others, his words were parsed by an FBI agent who took his story. But, the Bieb did get a chance to edit it the statement in front of the Warren Commission, and the only thing he corrected was the description of where Oswald was struck. In the FBI report, it said "below the ribcage" and at his WC testimony, the Bieb acknowledged that the bullet went through the rib cage. He estimated it was the 5th or 6th rib, though it was actually the 7th. This is from his FBI statement:

If you accept the Bieb's above statement as accurate, then obviously, Oswald was already shot when he saw him. But, there are problems with the statement. If he couldn't detect a pulse, heartbeat, or respiration, then obviously Oswald was dead. But, we know that isn't the truth. Oswald reached the hospital alive. Barely alive, but alive. So, that means that he must have had a heartbeat and pulse and respiration. The FBI agent mentioned the noise in the jail office, but that only affects hearing, not palpation. Shouldn't the Bieb still have detected a pulse? And, by necessity, Oswald must have been breathing. So, the Bieb wasn't a very good doctor if he couldn't detect it. It's not just about hearing the breathing. It's about the chest rising and falling and the ribcage expanding with each breath. So, if it was noisy, you would check for the MOVEMENT of breathing. And if the Bieb really thought that Oswald's heart had stopped beating and that he had stopped breathing, why didn't he begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation? The FBI mentioned sternal massage, but that wouldn't have done any good. I am talking about chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth. And don't tell me the Bieb did either one in there because if he had, we'd have heard about it from multiple witnesses, including the Bieb himself. He never claimed to do it. So, a doctor finds a moribund victim who isn't breathing or circulating, and he doesn't try to resuscitate him?   
The FBI agent said that the Bieb continued his "sternal massage" on the way to the hospital and that he used an oxygen cup resuscitator on Oswald, but there are no reports of that from anyone, including Bieberdorf.  And where did the oxygen cup resuscitator come from? You can't tell me the Bieb had it on him.  Doctors don't walk around with those things. And I don't accept that it was in the ambulance. The ambulance was just a station wagon, and the attendants were just the driver and his assistant- to assist him in loading the victim into it. They didn't do ANYTHING medical. They weren't trained to do anything medical. They were just transporters. Neither Hardin, nor Leavelle, no Dhority said anything about the Bieb using an oxygen cup resuscitator on Oswald, and the Bieb never claimed it either.

So, there are problems, huge problems, with the Bieb's FBI statement. If you accept it at face value, then obviously, Oswald was already shot. But, I certainly don't accept it at face value. And, if the entrance wound was clean and bloodless, as the Bieb claimed, then how did all this blood get on the floor beneath Oswald?

And finally, I'll point out that if Oswald looked as bad as the Bieb claimed to find him in the jail office, then how he doesn't look so bad when we see him in the garage subsequent to that?

Notice that Oswald's right hand looks extremely pale, but not his left hand, nor his face. And how did his right arm get to where we see it? The Bieb said that somebody had lifted up Oswald's clothes exposing the wound. So, his clothes were restored, and then they placed his right arm over his torso? Why would they do that? You're not supposed to put any weight on top of an abdomen with a gunshot wound because the pressure of the weight is likely to increase the bleeding. And, you can't claim that Oswald did that because he was unconscious. 

So, there are problems with the Bieb's statement, and there are problems with this image. And that's why I leave open the possibility that it's all a lie, and Oswald wasn't shot yet at all. However, I don't doubt that he was unconscious. I presume that when Oswald was hustled into the jail office, the first thing they did was knock him out, perhaps with a hypodermic needle.  This is Part 1. Part II to follow. 

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