Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wizard, in the NBC footage, the famous one, after Oswald is shot, we see Bookhout dive into the swarm of cops, and they start moving him away, towards Main Street, creating distance between them and Oswald. Meanwhile, it looks like Leavelle is finally going to take a look at Oswald who is flat on the ground. But then, a whole mob of men come rushing in, and I have to wonder who they were. Were they cops? Were they reporters? Were they reacting on cue to come in and block, block, block? The weird thing is that the cameraman, even though his view has been totally blocked, continues to hold his camera up like he is going to take a picture. Is that Robert Jackson? Doesn't it seem like he would look up from his viewfinder? What's wrong with him? That can't be what he wants to shoot. And the only other image we know of that he took in the garage was later when they were loading Oswald into the ambulance. In fact, I heard him say that that was the only other picture he took.  

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