Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's talk about Buell Frazier, whom I regard as the 2nd most damaging witness against Oswald after his own wife, Marina Oswald. This is him demonstrating what he saw Oswald do on 11/22/63.

Now, there is no chance that he saw Oswald do that, since the only thing Oswald carried was his sack lunch, and nobody would carry his lunch in his armpit. There is NO CHANCE that Oswald carried a rifle in, since he didn't order one, and he didn't even have a P.O. box to receive one. But, even if Oswald had ordered and received and carried in a rifle, he could not have done it like that since, even broken down, the rifle would have been too long.   

Let me first say that I consider these things "bottlenecks" in the story. It was a bottleneck for them to come up with a way for Oswald to acquire the rifle that could be documented. In real life, if Oswald had wanted to buy a rifle, he would have just gone into any gun shop, pawn shot, or even K-Mart in Dallas and bought one anonymously- without paperwork. But then, how could they track it? So, they came up with this elaborate mail-order story. 

And likewise, having Oswald bring the rifle to work was a bottleneck, meaning, a difficult spot to get through in the story. And of course, it relies 100% on Frazier and his sister.  So, how did they get Frazier to say that?

There's a difference between Frazier and Marina. On 11/22/63, Marina did NOT support the rifle story. When asked if Oswald owned a rifle, she referred to a rifle he owned in Russia, and she would not have done that if she knew he currently owned one. And in talking about the rifle in the blanket in the garage, she referred to it as "a" rifle, that she knew there was "a" rifle in the garage. It wasn't until after 2 1/2 months later, after intense FBI indoctrination, that she started claiming that it was Oswald's rifle. 

But, Frazier made his claims against Oswald on the very day. It's in his affidavit. It starts with his the assertion that, when they first met, HE approached Oswald about riding to Irving with him, that it was his idea. Hmm. That's weird. Why would he make any assumptions about that? For all he knew, Oswald and Marina were separated hard and headed for divorce. What business of it was his? Why would he assume that Oswald was welcome to sleep at Ruth Paine's house? 

But, Oswald accepted his generous offer and did it every Friday, except for that Thursday which was the first and only exception.  He also said Oswald said he would NOT be going again on Friday. I'll point out that we don't have any confirmation from Oswald on any of this.   

Then, he gave Oswald's stated reason for going on Thursday, which was to get curtain rods, but it makes no sense because there were already curtains hanging in his boarding room. Furthermore, the curtain rods in the Paine garage weren't his. They belonged to Ruth Paine. So, was Oswald just going to steal them? And he still would have had to go to the hardware store to buy the hardware for them. And to buy the curtains. So, why not just buy everything? Look: the whole story makes no sense. When he went to look at the room, if he saw it had no curtains, he'd have asked about it. It's not something the tenant does. It's something the landlord provides. I get it that it was supposed to be a lie, but Oswald had nothing to lie about. He denied telling Frazier anything about curtain rods, and we have no reason to doubt him. Oswald did not own a rifle and did not bring one back and therefore was not in need of an excuse for carrying a long package. So, why did Frazier say it?

And since, supposedly, Oswald told him the day before about the curtain rods, why did Frazier have to ask him about the contents of the package? You'd think he would have said, "Are those the curtain rods?" You don't get Alzheimer's at 19, do you? And what about his story about continuing to run the car engine after they arrived in order to recharge the battery? It makes no sense at all because it's high rpm highway driving that recharges the battery, not idling. 

And even the exchange about Oswald's lunch makes no sense. Why would that come up in conversation? Why would Oswald say anything about his lunch plan? And why would Frazier be concerned about it? 

"I see you are not carrying a lunch, Lee. So, what are you going to do? I'm concerned about your nutrition. Do you want half of mine?" 

It's ridiculous. Why would two men discuss what one is going to do for lunch? Was Frazier a Forrest Gump? 

Realize also that besides Jack Dougherty not seeing Oswald with a long package, neither did anyone else in the building. Oswald supposedly took the rifle up to the 6th floor to hide it, but there were already men up there working on the floor. So, why didn't they see it? Why couldn't Dallas Police come up with any other witness to testify about the long package? 

So, how did authorities get Frazier to say those things, and not just say them, but say them on 11/22/63? Stay tuned for Part II.  


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