Monday, January 29, 2018

How could this have happened? Now, I am accusing Robert Jackson of being a liar: 

It is important to note that Lee Oswald was killed at 11: 21 am, after questioning had delayed his transfer. That gave Jack Ruby less than 4 minutes from the time he sent the wire at 11:17 to walk to the police station and down the ramp before shooting Oswald. Why Ruby was let down the ramp we will never know, but his actions that morning changed history. The Jackson’s told us that after the shooting Jim Leavelle asked Jack Ruby, “Why did you do that?”, to which Ruby replied, “Well, I just wanted to be a hero, and I guess I really messed up, didn’t I?” Jim said, “Yeah, you did.”

Are we supposed to believe that Robert Jackson overheard that conversation between Leavelle and Ruby? When was it supposed to happen? It certainly didn't happen in the garage. Leavelle stayed with Oswald, remember? And if it happened in the jail office, how could Robert Jackson have heard it when he was stuck in the garage? Remember all the cops and detectives with their arms spread wide, holding people back? Jackson was still out there when Oswald was rolled out on the stretcher, and he took his second picture. So, when could he have possibly overheard that conversation between Leavelle and Ruby?

It's bull. If anything, it was probably something Leavelle told him, Jackson, that it had occurred. You can't tell me it happened during the melee, and there is no time it could have happened afterwards. It's just another phony piece of JFK assassination lore. 

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