Monday, January 22, 2018

Jack Ruby's receipt from Western Union says 11:16. 

Of course, I maintain that it's a fake receipt, replacing the real one that he got much earlier. But, we are considering their story now. His wire transfer was timed-stamped 11:17, and it makes no sense for the receipt to be stamped or even written up before the wire was sent. WHY WOULD DOYLE LANE START WRITING UP THE RECEIPT BEFORE THE WIRE WAS EVEN SENT? You do the transfer first; then, when it's done, you tend to the receipt. You don't even think about writing up the receipt until it's all done. We are supposed to believe that before he sent the wire at 11:17 that he had the receipt written up. And, the explanation goes, that Lane waited until the end to stamp everything, and he just happened to run the receipt through the machine ahead of the money transfer, and in the split-second, the time changed from 11:16 to 11:17.  And that, supposedly, is why the wire transfer is time-stamped 11:17 while the receipt is time-stamped a minute before, 11:16.   

So, officially, Ruby got out of WU at 11:17 and the shooting took place at 11:21, which is 4 minutes. Except, it had to be a bit longer than 4 minutes because if their story about the time changing is accepted, it means that it was at the very beginning of 11:17 minute that Ruby finished. At what point in the 11:21 minute did the shooting take place? We don't know, but if we assume the halfway point, just to be equitable, that would mean 4 1/2 minutes.  

And 4 1/2 minutes is TOO LONG. He only had to walk a block. He had to walk half a block to the corner of Main and Harwood. Then he crossed the street, and he said nothing about having to wait for a red light to change, so there are no grounds to assume it. And then, he had to walk another half block to the ramp. There is a pro-official-story researcher who made the walk and timed it and said it took 2 minutes. That seems like a long time to walk one block to me, but let's go with it. How long did Ruby hang around the ramp before venturing down? If we allow 8 seconds, we're being generous. How long did it take him to walk down the ramp?

How about 15 seconds? And how long did he stand there before the thing went down? That was short, damn short. If we allow 7 seconds that Ruby mingled we are being generous. So, that comes to 30 seconds, so now we are talking about 2 1/2 minutes total, when we have 4 1/2 minutes to kill. 

The nice thing is that all this stuff is still there. The WU business is gone, but we know where it was. Right now, it's looking to me like it's 2 minutes too long, but even if it was just 1 minute too long; a minute is a minute, and if the timeline doesn't fit, you must acquit. 

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