Tuesday, January 23, 2018

This is a fascinating image found by the Wizard from the WFAA film of the Oswald shooting. The Wizard has identified Detective Combest, who seems to be carrying someone. And the hand in the center, he thinks may be that of Detective Leavelle. What's weird is that this is less than 10 seconds after the shot, and for Fritz on the right, it looks like "just another day at the office" as the Wizard put it, and I agree. Even if you want to say Fritz was a tough cop who had seen everything, he'd never seen this before. Not only has the shock worn off too soon, he never seemed to have any shock. 

So, if the Wizard is right, and that's Leavelle's hand and forearm, covered by the cream-colored sleeve of the Easter suit, then that's his right hand, right? It's the pinkie side of his hand, so his thumb is out of view, and it's got to be his right hand. It was his left hand that was reportedly cuffed to Oswald's right hand. If the Wizard is right that that's Oswald's head, faintly, with the red arrow pointing to it, then Oswald's right hand is on the far side to us. But, remember that if they're handcuffed, there is less than an inch between Oswald's right hand and Leavelle's left hand, and I don't see how that is possible here. It appears that Combest has both his arms securely underneath whatever he is carrying. Look how much higher Leavelle's arm is than Combest's. Leavelle is definitely not doing what Combest is doing. Leavelle's right arm appears to be above Oswald. So, he is not supporting and carrying him with it. And Leavelle's left hand can't be underneath Oswald either if he's handcuffed to him. But, I know one reporter said that Oswald was dragged out. So, what if Combest was actually doing it all, with Oswald's feet and legs on the ground, and Combest was just dragging him into the jail office? He could have done that. Perhaps that is what we are seeing here. We are certainly not seeing this: the way Leavelle depicted the carrying in the tv movie.

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