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You can listen to Oswald's Midnight Press Conference here. I hate to put up a link to David Von Pein, but the fact is that most of the renditions of Oswald's statement cut out the first part, in which he complained, repeatedly, about being denied legal representation.

Notice how noisy it was. There was a racket going on. How could they allow that? It was a police station, for Christ's sake. 

Please listen to it again, just paying attention to the racket. Notice that it doesn't even sound like noises that would spontaneously occur. Are you aware of how they create sound effects for movie? They have a guy, who specializes in doing it, and he watches the film, and he has all these gizmos at hand by which he can create various sounds, and he does it. Well, I think they must have had somebody like that edit the film and add those extraneous noises. They didn't want Lee Harvey Oswald having people's undivided attention.  

A reporter asked Oswald if he shot the President, and Oswald said, 

"No. No one has said that to me yet. (meaning the police) I first heard about it when a reporter in the hall asked me that question. I have not been charged with that."

Then the reporter pointed out that he had been charged, and Oswald grimaced.

No officer or interrogator had said that to him? How is that possible? The arresting officer's arrest report (Nick McDonald) stated that he was arrested for shooting and killing both Officer Tippit and President Kennedy. I've watched Law and Order a gazillion times, and when arresting someone, they always say, "You are under arrest for the murder of So-and-So."  They said it loud and clear. It is a Constitutional right to be told. 

Imagine if you were arrested and hauled off by police, and they didn't tell you what for. It would be a nightmare. You would be beside yourself with rage at the very idea, like you were living in Nazi Germany. 

They had already charged Oswald with killing Kennedy, and if they didn't inform him, it was another violation of his habeus corpus rights.  

But, think about it: if Oswald didn't know that he was charged with killing Kennedy, it means that they didn't broach the subject during his interrogations. And just think about all they didn't talk about: They asked him if he owned a rifle, but they didn't tell him about the rifle they found or show it to him. They showed it to his wife when she was brought there, but not to him. They found the paper bag, but they didn't show him the bag and ask him if he made it and used it. They, apparently, asked him where he was during the motorcade since he said that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front" and, of course, he was. But apparently, from what he said at the Midnight Press Conference, they didn't ask him that question in the context of it being an alibi. And that is an outrage! He wasn't just a suspect in Kennedy's murder. He was the one and only suspect, and they had LBJ's henchmen urging them to shut down the investigation because they "had their man." They were already completely resolved that it was him. And, it is a crime that they didn't make fully aware of that. 

So, during the interrogations, they, apparently, talked very little about the Kennedy murder, and not making him aware of their conviction that Oswald was the sole killer. But, what about the Tippit murder? Did they talk about that? You might think so since Oswald stated, "I know I am accused of murdering a policeman. I know nothing more than that."

In the Fritz Notes, there is no mention of questioning Oswald about the Tippit murder. However, in the Bookhout/Hosty report, they wrote that Oswald "frantically" denied shooting Tippit and Kennedy. But, no details were provided. Not a one. So, what exactly did they say to him about the Tippit murder? We don't know. Did they ask him for his alibi for the Tippit murder? We don't even know what he told them about how he got to the theater and what time he got there. Obviously, the time is very important because if he was inside the theater before Tippit was killed, then obviously, he didn't kill Tippit. So, how did Lee Harvey Oswald get to the theater, and what time did he arrive? That is one of the most crucial unanswered questions of the JFK assassination. 

It was James Douglas who, 40 years later, got Butch Burroughs to reveal that he saw Oswald in the theater at 1:07 or earlier. He sold him popcorn. And if that's true, it means two things: that Oswald didn't shoot Tippit since Tippit was shot at 1:15; and Oswald must have been driven to the theater, since he didn't leave his boarding room until 1:02, and he couldn't walk a distance of a mile in 5 minutes. 

But, they must have covered that. How could they not have? It was Oswald's trek, right? Somehow, he got from Dealey Plaza to that theater on Jefferson Street, and they would have wanted to know every step he took. So, after he got to the point where he said he was at his room, and he changed his pants, someone had to say, "Then what?" And Oswald would have told them. I presume that Oswald DID tell them. And they reason they have never told us is because it must been something VERY EXONERATING.

For instance, what if Oswald told them that Tippit drove him to the theater? That, obviously, would be very exonerating, and I'm sure they wouldn't tell us. However, it's no sure thing. One thing that gives me pause is that at the Midnight Press Conference, Oswald said he was accused of murdering "a policeman." If he knew Tippit, wouldn't he have said "Officer Tippit"? It is very unusual for a person to refer to someone he knows in a generic, anonymous way. He didn't even say "the policeman." He said "a policeman." That really suggests no association. 

But, if it wasn't Tippitt, could it have been another policeman? And no matter who it was, they would not have wanted to say because Oswald was supposed to be the "lone gunman" with the operative word being "lone". And a lone gunman can't have a driver. 

But, this omission from the record is an outrage, and it is also an insult to our intelligence. Did they think I wasn't going to notice? And just think: not only did the reports not say what Oswald said about this, but in all the Warren Commission testimonies, no one said what Oswald said about it, and no one was asked.

"What was Oswald's alibi for the Tippit murder? Where did he say he was at the time? Did he admit going to 10th and Patton, or did he deny ever going there?"

You won't find the above series of questions anywhere in the Warren Report. 

And there is so much more we don't know. Oswald denied carrying a large bag. He denied ever telling Frazier that he was bringing back curtain rods. He said that all he carried to work was his lunch, presumably in a paper bag of some kind. Well, how smart a cop do you have to be to go the domino room and look for that bag and the remnants of his lunch.?They must have had a trash receptacle in that room, right? How can you have a lunch room without a trash receptacle? So, you sort through it. Sounds disgusting, does it? Don't like getting your hands dirty, do you? I'd do it. I'd do it in a New York second to get to the truth. Put some rubber gloves on. 

So, the situation about Oswald's interrogations is not just that they had no stenographer or tape recorder, and you can't tell me that tape recorders didn't exist. My family got our first tape recorder in 1960, and I remember the first thing we recorded: my sister singing Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty, which came out in 1959. So, their excuses for not recording Oswald's interrogations are completely bogus. 

But, in addition to that, so much was left out of the reports of the interrogators. And then, the icing on the evil cake was that they took to outright lying about what Oswald said. For a very long time, I have pointed out that Fritz and Holmes lied about Oswald reversing himself about Mexico City at the final interrogation. And in recent days, I have pointed out that their claim that Oswald admitted to having a P.O. Box was also a lie.  Last night, I was the guest on The New JFK Show with Jim Fetzer and Gary King, and I devoted the full hour to laying out the case for why Oswald did NOT have a P.O. Box. I'll put up the link to that show as soon as Gary gets it up on Youtube. 

Oswald was abused by the Dallas Police, physically and otherwise. But, that's putting mildly, don't you think?  That's because: they killed him. I mean it: THE DALLAS POLICE KILLED OSWALD. IT WASN'T JACK RUBY. IT WAS THE DALLAS POLICE WHO KILLED HIM.  


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