Sunday, January 21, 2018

This is from OIC member Robert Jordan. The shooter is not aiming the gun correctly to hit Oswald where he was actually shot. The red x marks where the bullet entered his body, and you can see it's way off.  

That is the Beers photo, but it's amazing to me that the Jackson photo won the Pulitizer Prize because it's so obviously staged. It has Oswald doing the "Oh, you got me!" over-dramatization of slapping his arm to his chest, like children do at play. But, he didn't even really do it. It's a phony arm and a phony hand. He didn't have a humongous thumb. Can't you see that it's two hands clasped together? And that gun is pointed way off too. It isn't real; it's theater; it's an act, and badly done. 

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