Monday, January 22, 2018

Hmmm. This is weird. In the autobiography of Jack Ruby published in the Washington Post, Ruby said, when asked, that he went to Cuba once at the invitation of an old friend, LC McWhiters, and I published that.

But, that name isn't right. The correct name is: Lewis McWillie, and the middle initial was J. 

So, whose mistake was that? It could not have been Ruby's. Was it the scriptwriter? Was it the editor? Was it really a mistake or was it deliberate.

Lewis McWillie testified to the HSCA. You can read it here:

The gist of it is that McWillie worked in the casino business his whole life, in many different places, mostly in the US, but also in Cuba, where he was the manager of the Tropicana Casino in Havana. He and Ruby had met in Dallas in 1951 when McWillie steered Ruby to somebody to help him with his union problems. And they struck up a friendship which lasted. And McWillie confirmed that he invited Ruby out to Cuba in 1959, and Ruby came and hung around the casino while McWillie was working, and they did other things when he wasn't working. He said that Ruby stayed for about a week. And that was it. 

The HSCA interrogators grilled him about being involved in Cuban politics, being involved with rebels, being involved with gun-running, and especially being involved with the Mafia, but he denied all of it, saying that it was just a job, that he was just living and working in Cuba, as he would here. 

This was a decade after Ruby died, but the bottom line is that he seemed to describe it the same way Ruby did, as a vacation for Ruby in which he visited a friend.

If you want to think that McWillie lied through his teeth to the HSCA, and was covering up a ton of stuff,  you can, but at least read his testimony first.

My reaction is that if there was more to it than what he said, it wasn't much. 

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