Thursday, January 18, 2018

Amy Joyce pointed out that it really was overkill for them to concoct the amount of phony evidence against Oswald that they did: phony paper trail of ordering the rifle; phony paper trail of ordering the pistol; phony P.O. Box; phony paper bag; phony Oswald sightings, such as at the shooting range (how did he get there, and how did he get his rifle there from Ruth Paine's house?); phony test-drive of automobile (he had no driver's license; he couldn't drive) etc. 

And most important, how could any of this phony evidence have held up in court? It's one thing to have it dutifully reported by your media shills, but to be challenged in court? The Defense would have easily exposed all of it. 

And what it means is that there can be no doubt that they were determined to kill Oswald that weekend. Not only was there no chance of them letting the case go to trial, where the prosecution would have been rendered a laughing stock, but they couldn't even let Oswald see a lawyer. Not even once. Forget it. If he had seen a lawyer just once, the exposure of the whole fraud was certain. 

Look how fast Jack Ruby was provided a lawyer. Why him and not Oswald? It's because they were confident that Ruby had nothing to tell his lawyer. He didn't know anything. If he, for instance, knew that the Dallas Police had conspired with him to kill Oswald, do you think they would have let him see a lawyer? Of course not. If it had been that, he'd have faced the same fate as Oswald. They knew what he was going to tell his lawyer: that he went to the garage, and the police pounced on him, and then they told him that he shot Oswald, and that's all he knew; he didn't know anything else. He knew nothing about Oswald; nothing about the JFK assassination; and nothing about what really happened. He was totally and completely in the dark. He didn't even have his wits about him. 

But, Oswald was sharp. He knew what he did and didn't do. He knew where he was when Kennedy was killed. There was no way he was going to think he was guilty. So, they couldn't let him see a lawyer. 

Oswald was a dead man walking from the moment Kennedy was struck. They really hoped to kill him before he could say a word. It was a big setback when he survived the close-call in the theater. Just a little more itch in the trigger finger of one of those cops, and it would have saved them a lot of trouble. Framing Jack Ruby was definitely Plan B. And just think what it would have spared Ruby if Oswald had been killed in the theater. 

The case against Oswald is so helpless and hopeless, it really is a laughing stock. Does anyone seriously believe that he killed Kennedy? Seriously? 

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