Saturday, January 13, 2018

I want you to consider the contradiction in the behavior of Roy Truly, who officially was the superintendent of the building. So, he was in charge of the building, the maintenance of the building. Yet, he was also the one who hired workers for the operation of the book business? He hired Oswald, didn't he? So, the super hired Oswald.  

But, here's the contradiction: when Baker asked him in the 2nd floor lunch room if he knew Oswald, Truly must have been very reassuring because Baker, who had pulled out his gun- which shows how untrusting of Oswald he was- and yet Truly, in whatever he said, caused Baker to put his gun away and drop any concerns about Oswald, and move on in his search of the building. Officially, the story goes that Truly said that Oswald worked for him. But, he must have said it in such a way to really quiet Baker's mind and assure him that Oswald couldn't possibly be involved. But then, just a short while later, when Oswald was not present at the workers roll-call, Truly immediately took it as suspicious and informed police with alarm, now conveying a polar opposite attitude towards Oswald. 

Well, if he could be driven to suspect the worst about Oswald just for him being unaccounted for at the workers roll-call, then why didn't he think the worst when Oswald was encountered unexpectedly in the lunch room so soon after the shooting? Why did Truly go from being super-reassuring to Baker about Oswald, obviously either verbally or non-verbally giving him the impression that there was no way on Earth Oswald could be involved, to reading great malfeasance into Oswald not being there to say, "Here" at the workers roll-call? And by the way, it is not true that Oswald was the only one missing. Charles Givens also wasn't there, and there may be others who weren't there. The whole idea that Oswald's non-presence at the roll call should have triggered the thought that he may have shot Kennedy in Truly's mind is preposterous.

So, what explains the contradiction of Truly brushing off Oswald as harmless to Baker and then thinking the worst about him after the roll-call? All of that was just show; just smoke and mirrors. The truth is that Truly was in on it; and I mean the assassination plot. The truth is that the TSBD was a CIA front company, and they moved into that building that summer precisely for the purpose of assassinating JFK. The reason Truly brushed off Oswald being in the lunch room is because he didn't want him arrested there. He didn't want him arrested at that time. Truly truly knew what lay ahead, which was for Oswald to get armed with a weapon, and Oswald being framed for the murder of Tippit, and the hope was that he would be shot to death by outraged Dallas Police at the Texas Theater. That didn't happen, but it nearly did. But, it would have ruined everything if Baker had arrested Oswald on the spot in the lunch room and taken him away. 

I'll leave you with this. It is an image of the basement of the TSBD. They had boxes down there too. But, look how they are arranged. How could you even get to the boxes that were deep on each side? 

On the left, I supposed you could get to that one, but presumably, there were boxes internal to it going down the length of the room. How could you get to those boxes? How could you get to the boxes on the far right? Who would organize a distribution operation that way? And look how tall the stacks are on the far right? Books are heavy. You don't stack them that high. I would suggest to you that those boxes were stuffed with crumpled paper or other light filler. It was all for show. No one would operate a book distributing business this way. What are you supposed to do if the book you need is on the bottom of the tall stack on the right?  

Why would Bill Shelley, who worked in military intelligence during WW2 before there was a CIA, and then joined the CIA, be content to devote his life to distributing Dick and Jane readers for little kids? He had already worked there for 13 years. It was just a cover. A company cover. You've heard of individuals having a cover. Well, this was a cover for a whole company. The TSBD was a CIA front company, involved in espionage and other clandestine activities, and it was all being done under the guise of book distributing. 

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