Monday, January 22, 2018

What do you think of the Sylvia Odio story? Do you think it was the Oswald of fame at her door? I do NOT. I don't grant it any credibility or plausibility at all. It supposedly occurred in Dallas when Oswald was supposedly in Mexico City. Of course, he wasn't in Mexico City at that time or any time, but I certainly don't think he was in Dallas at that time. If he was in Dallas, don't you think he would have looked in on his family? Was there anything or anyone more important to him than them? 

He may have been in Houston at that time, looking for work. 

Sylvia Odio's narrative includes the statement that "Leon Oswald" said that "You Cubans should have shot President Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs, but you didn't have the guts." Now, do you think there is the slightest chance that the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame said that???? How could he have when it is well established that he liked and respected President Kennedy? 

If anything, the Oswald that she saw was "Lee" and not "Harvey" in John Armstrong-speak. And if it wasn't him, then it was some other Oswald double. It definitely was not the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame. One would be very foolish to think it was. 

Do you understand that fake, phony, false Oswald sightings are a dime a dozen? Most of them are laughable, and that includes this one. 

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