Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Wizard just made another brilliant point; one that I should have seen myself, but didn't. 

Why didn't Leavelle go for "Ruby's" gun? We all know that Graves went for it, but that doesn't excuse Leavelle from going for it. 

When the man has shot someone and is still holding the gun, you would think that all effort would be directed towards taking the gun from him.  

We can't see exactly what is going on below. Perhaps Graves has already started going for the gun. But, Leavelle should have pitched in and gone for the gun too, or gone for the arm with the gun to make sure the gun wasn't pointed at anyone until it could be extracted. 

Instead, Leavelle waited until "Ruby" (cough, cough) made his dive towards the cops, and then Leavelle got him around the nape of the neck.

Forget about the neck. He should have gone for the gun. 

And the fact is that police will always take such a violent offender all the way down to the ground, where he's eating dirt. And they didn't do that to "Ruby" either. 

That's what should have happened in the garage. We're talking about someone who supposedly fatally shot someone and still had the gun; and was still trying to shoot it, according to Leavelle. You get the gun from him; you disarm him; and then you get him shackled. You don't mess around with a person like that. You don't dance him into a building. 

People: it was a hoax. Stop fighting it. 

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