Thursday, January 11, 2018

Now, to something completely off-topic but current in the news: the near-epidemic flu season that is going on. This has reportedly been a very bad winter for the flu, and I've noticed in my own circle many people getting sick with it. And, they are saying that there have been many deaths. They showed a photo of a very fit young man, an aspiring personal trainer, who they said died of the flu, but they provided no details. I imagine that everyone reading this has contracted the flu in his or her life, and more than once, but always recovered. So, are we supposed to believe that this very fit young man, who was ripped like a young Arnold Schwartzenegger, just happened to die of the flu, simple as that? Nothing else involved? Because the disease is so deadly? 

But then, they announced that this year's flu vaccine is only 30% effective, and when you read the article, you find out that the one and only study that has been done found it to be only 10% effective. 

What does that mean when they say the flu shot is only 10% effective? I presume it means that 9 out of 10 people who get the flu shot will contract the flu anyway if exposed, regardless of having gotten the shot. And what it means is that of the millions who are contracting the flu this year, a great many of them were vaccinated.

And think about it: this is mid-January; they started pushing the flu shot in October. Don't you think that most everybody who was going to get a flu shot has already gotten it?

They ended the show with an urgent appeal to get vaccinated, but what for, when their own figures show such pitiful results?

Me, I haven't gotten the flu, but I'd rather get the flu than get the flu shot. I am more afraid of the flu shot than I am of the flu.


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