Thursday, January 25, 2018

It's television review time on the OIC blog! Dr. Thomas Halle reviews Zero Dark Thirty: The Real Story which was supposedly about the real-life capture of Osama bin laden in 2011, about which the blockbuster movie was based, even though bin laden died of kidney failure 10 years before. 

Dr. Thomas Halle: 

Hey, Ralph...

I thought I might share with you that I’m watching a REELZ Channel presentation that I thought might have some value….”Zero Dark Thirty”: The Real Story. I imagine you have felt—like me—that this successful film was a complete lie…since there is no way this supposed terrorist could be assassinated since he died of kidney failure 10 years before the operation to kill him was mounted. Well, darn it!! This supposedly legit piece of investigative journalism turned out to be a complete bust-as bad as the Hollywood movie. Like the usual follow-up on Intelligence Community propaganda, this does not deal with any genuine issues, such as the question of who actually planned and executed “9-11,” and the question of how a long-dead man could be assassinated. Nope. It accepts the big lie of the movie’s plot-line, but adds another level to the story…suggesting another CIA analyst was central (not the redhead portrayed in the film)…a woman named Jennifer Matthews, who had long been on the trail of bin Laden (during and since the Clinton years). The thrust of the program was that, prior to 9/11, the CIA was insufficiently motivated to find and kill bin Laden, suggesting that the terrible tragedy of the 9/11 attacks resulted from CIA laziness and indifference.
So, no cigar for this piece of garbage. This is like someone—at this very late date—yelling about a new development in the Kennedy assassination…then claiming that we now have EVEN MORE evidence of a Oswald-Russian connection. This kind of junk makes me sick to my stomach. 


Ralph Cinque:

Thomas, your corollary concerning Oswald has already materialized. The History Channel has had this series going called Tracking Oswald which is all about his alleged activities prior to the assassination, including his trip to Mexico City, how there is newly discovered evidence of his collusion with Russians and Cubans. It stars this former CIA agent named Bob Baer, who is supposedly breaking from the agency to find the truth.  The presumption is that Oswald did it, just not alone, that our government has been hiding the fact that Russians and/or Cubans were involved. I just watched the episode that aired this month  after someone called me to say that it was on. And I just watched it as a favor to this person because I knew it was crap and I would hate it, knowing that Oswald didn't do it, and he didn't even go to Mexico City. 

Thomas, I keep telling people that the CIA doesn't want to fight the JFK truth movement, rather, they want to lead it. They want to wind it up and send it off in the direction they want it to go. Tracking Oswald was disgusting to me, and I'm sure the program you watched about bin laden would have affected me the same.    

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