Monday, January 22, 2018

I am having a very interesting exchange with Amy Joyce and the Wizard concerning Ruby's first lawyer: Tom Howard. But first: look at the contrast between how the DPD handled the lawyer issue for Oswald vs. Ruby. Oswald complained bitterly and repeatedly of being denied a lawyer. "But, these police officers won't let me have one" he said in the hall. But, do you know how Ruby got Howard? THE DPD FOISTED HIM ON RUBY. Howard happened to be there, in the jail office, and he witnessed Oswald being brought down from the 3rd floor. Howard knew Ruby, and he had represented him in the past, but he was not currently Ruby's lawyer. AND RUBY DID NOT ASK FOR HOWARD! He never said, "I want to speak to my lawyer, Tom Howard." The Dallas Police essentially foisted Ruby on him as his lawyer. And remember what I have been saying, that Ruby was in a highly suggestive, a highly submissive state, that was probably drug-induced, and probably by scopolamine. So, he didn't object when they chose a lawyer for him. He just went along. He went along with everything. "You want to probe my rectum for guns? Go ahead."

Amy Joyce:

My opinion is just that and more.  That Howard was in the garage at the time of the incident because he was part of the set up and since he knew Ruby and previously represented him, he could help convince him that he did the shooting while pretending that he was on Ruby's side.  Part of the plan.

Interesting tidbits about Howard:  He was also at the DP station on Friday Night - in a meeting with Fritz in his office.  Howard was friends with Henry Wade and gave him "details" of what Ruby supposedly said to him (there is documented proof of this).  In a taped interview with reporters the next day Howard revealed Ruby's motive by saying that Ruby told him that he got angry when he saw Oswald smirking and acting cocky at the Friday Night Press Conference.  That's a horrible mistake even if he was on Ruby's side! (RC: It's not even true. Oswald was not smirking and acting cocky at the MPC.)  Howard was fired for revealing information, and Eva Grant said the Howard had claimed to have a picture of JFK after the head shot.  The fact that Howard died in his late 40's, before Ruby even did, is another clue.  I think he knew too much and was murdered.

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