Thursday, August 10, 2017

Amy Joyce has done her own analysis of the footage in the Newsreel video, and it is fantastic. I am going to put it up, but first: she observed something that I don't know how I and others missed. It concerns the so-called muzzle flash. If this is a real muzzle flash, it means that Oswald has already been devastated by that bullet. Remember how fast bullets travel and how little distance this one had to go. If we're seeing the muzzle flash, then the devastating damage to Oswald is done. Therefore, how could he not be reacting to it?

How could that be a real muzzle flash when Oswald is still upright, stable, and not reacting in any way? Nor are Graves, Leavelle, Fritz nor anyone else in the picture reacting to the sound of the explosion. It's already hit their ears, so how could they not be startled? How could they not react to it? That muzzle flash is as phony as a $3 bill. 

I will give you the link to Amy's video, but first I'll review it.

Amy points out there are three frames with the muzzle flash, starting with a dull presentation which she calls the pre-flash, then the brightest one which she calls the flash, and then another dull one which she calls the post-flash.  But, it is ridiculous. There is an explosion inside the gun, and when the hot gases come out, they are instantly at their peak intensity. Show me another example of muzzle flash that lays out like this. 

She also points out that the location of the muzzle flash is below where the shooter's hand is pointing. The flash is not in the right position; it should be higher.  It does conform to the location of the entrance wound on Oswald's body, when comparing it to Oswald's autopsy photo. But, apparently, Bookhout was aiming higher than that. So, they didn't worry about matching Bookhout's hand; they just placed the muzzle flash according to the autopsy. But, all three would have to conform if the thing was real. 

And Amy contends that Oswald didn't start reacting until 5 frames after the shot was fired. Wouldn't he react immediately? By the time we hear the sound of the blast, the bullet has done its damage.

Amy finishes by asking these questions: 

I will attempt to answer her questions. First, I assume the "victim" in the film was actually Oswald, and that's based on the extreme unlikelihood of finding an actor who looked that much like him. I have looked at it painstakingly, and it does appear to be him. I don't see any "dealbreakers" as I like to call them. Second, why would Oswald participate? I presume they told him that they now believe him that he's innocent, and they were going to get him out of this, but they had to fake his death in order to call off the dogs: to stop anyone from hunting him down. Third, Oswald had to be shot in the PD or in route to the hospital, and I presume he was shot in the PD. If he wasn't, it means that Dr. Fred Bieberdorf was a major liar and conspirator because he testified that he saw a puncture wound on Oswald in the jail office, and that Oswald appeared dead or close to dead. And remember, he was a 4th year medical student. So, my presumption is that Oswald was shot in the PD. 

Here now is Amy's great video:

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