Sunday, August 6, 2017

My enemies are going to be hard-pressed to deny that that is James Bookhout in the upper left. That's because the situation is obvious: You've got the Dallas detectives hovering around Oswald- it was their show. The Feds were just observers. That guy had to be a fed, either FBI or SS. Officially, there were no CIA agents there. Right? When have you ever heard about CIA Agent So-and-So being officially on the scene in Dallas? No, the CIA was invisible. They were there, you can be sure, but they were under cover.  So, if that short guy isn't FBI Agent James Bookhout, then who is he? It must be possible to know that. And although Bookhout tacitly denied going to the Midnight Press Conference, it just means that he lied. And he did admit going to the 6:30 PM Oswald interrogation on Saturday, where we can see him in the hall being spoken to by Oswald. It was the only time that Oswald ever went up to anybody in the hall and talked to him.

Notice the consistency with the other figure.

Can't you just see the man immediately above turned sideways and looking exactly like the man to whom Oswald was speaking? Well, if you can't, I can. 

That is James W. Bookhout, and we have the Wizard to thank for knowing about it. 

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