Friday, August 11, 2017

A Ruby/Shooter collage submitted by Sparta fails to equate

Sparta had the nerve to put up this collage as evidence that the Garage Shooter was a match to Jack Ruby. The image of Ruby on the left is from the Midnight Press Conference.

These are obviously two different men. The man on the right has a much wider, fatter head and a shorter, bulkier neck. And on the left, the reason why his neck is so dark is because he has fuzzy hair growth, while the man on the right was razored clean. The man on the right has longer hair in back that is curling up at the bottom- not seen on the left. The man on the left has a larger ear. But, the thing that jumps out immediately is the stocky, bull-like thickness of the neck on the right that is so different on the left. They are obviously two different men. Frankly, I am not absolutely sure that the man on the left is Ruby, but I know the man on the right isn't, and regardless, they are definitely not the same man. 

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