Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Wizard made this collage to examine whether "Ruby" at the Midnight Press Conference was really him. Notice that Jack Ruby was an amputee; he lost at last half of his left index finger. 

Putting aside the Wizard's question for a moment, I want to raise another one. Why would Jack Ruby, who had an intact right hand and shot with his right hand, use his middle finger to pull the trigger, as we see in the Jackson photo?

He wouldn't. He couldn't. And he most certainly didn't. They must have been operating on wrong information. They must have assumed that Ruby was mutilated on his right hand, which is why we are seeing Bookhout's middle finger on the trigger in Jackson. What's the alternative? That Ruby preferred to use his middle finger as his trigger finger? When have you ever seen someone or heard of anyone doing that? 

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