Tuesday, January 2, 2018

OH, and one more thing: it says that Ruth Paine drove Oswald to the bus station to take the bus to New Orleans. 

Well, he must have taken the rifle with him on the bus then, right? Cough, cough. Had to have, right? Because it wound up down there, and when it was time for Marina to move back to Dallas to live with Ruth, he snuck it in her station wagon, right? Isn't that what he did?

But, the thing is: if she drove him to the bus, and he had his rifle, she had to see it. Right? And she being a Quaker and a pacifist and all, didn't it upset her having that firearm in her car? And don't tell me he had it wrapped up in a blanket, and she didn't recognize it. You can't pull that from out your ass and plop it down. There is no evidence of that; therefore, you can't claim it. And you know about Occam and what a mean cuss he is. And you know what he's totin'. 

So, you would think that that would have really carved a track in her mind: Oswald taking his rifle on the bus. So, when it was time to move Marina back to Dallas, why didn't she think about it then? And when that mysterious blanket with a bulky object wound up in her garage, and she knew it wasn't hers, why didn't it cross her mind that it could be the rifle? 

That chronicle was always far-fetched, but it just got more far-fetched.  

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